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Self-Defense-Pepper Spray Do’s And Don’ts

Pepper spray in its current form has been around for decades, but chemical warfare of one kind or another has been around for centuries. Pepper spray today is the biggest selling, most widely used self-defense product for civilians in the world. There are some cities and states in the United States where it has some restrictions. And there are some countries where it is illegal. But by and large it is legal just about everywhere.

In this article we will discuss some do’s and don’ts about pepper spray so you can maximize the benefits of this self-defense product and avoid some pitfalls.

In case you don’t already know, pepper spray is carried and used by every law enforcement officer in the country as their primary nonlethal self-defense product in their arsenal. It is a favorite for female self-defense and the personal safety and self-defense of everyone. A short spray of this item in the face causes intense pain, makes breathing difficult and temporarily closes the eyes blinding the assailant. It is close to 90% effective.

  1. Do’s For Pepper Spray

    To gain maximum benefit from your pepper spray here are some things you should do.


  2. The first thing you should do when you get a new can of pepper spray is read the instructions.
  3. Learn how to hold the pepper spray. Most pepper sprays will not operate properly unless the canister is held upright. Some models can be fired from any direction but most of them require an upright position to fire effectively.
  4. Learn what the maximum firing distance is for the canister. The pepper spray does you absolutely no good if it has a range of 12 feet and your target is 20 feet away.
  5. Fire at the eyes of the attacker. This is the area of the body where the most damage can be done.
  6. If necessary, fire more than one burst at the attacker. Fire until the assailant stops.
  7. Once the assailant has been disabled, flee the scene and call police or get help.
  8. Periodically test the canister for potency. All canisters have an expiration date beyond which the effectiveness diminishes. If the canister has been fired numerous times it may be out of spray.
  • Don’ts Of Pepper Spray
    Avoid these pitfalls when using pepper spray.


  • The contents of pepper spray are packaged under pressure and have the potential to explode in a hot environment such as an enclosed car.
  • Pepper spray is a nonlethal weapon, but it is a weapon nonetheless. To use it under false pretenses is considered a crime. Use it only when under duress.

Knowing these do’s and don’ts of pepper spray helps you understand why it is so popular for female self-defense and the personal safety of everyone.

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