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Sexual Assault-Campus Guide For College Students

Recently the state of New York published a document for college students on understanding intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual assault and stalking. In this document, the state offers a perspective on how serious the problem is, some definitions to clarify the problem and what protections are available for victims on college campuses.

In this article we will summarize the issue in the hopes of defining the scope of the problem. It continues to be one of the biggest threats to women for their personal safety on college campuses nationwide.

When you consider how many women are on college campuses-nearly 60% of the total campus population-these statistics are astounding.

The report claims that nearly 80% of females reported experiencing at least one incident of physical or sexual aggression in her four years at a University. And that approximately one in three young women are victims of interpersonal violence.

The study goes on to explain that college students face obstacles that are unique when it comes to sexual assault and stalking. Among these obstacles are unclear campus policies about dating abuse. Another factor is that students living on campus feel isolated and trapped in their community and social peer group. With the prevalence of alcohol and drugs on campus, female students become more fearful of reporting incidents to higher authority. Another factor that plays on reporting is the fact that the victim may live in the same residence hall or attend the same classes as her abuser.

The state of New York is at least attempting to be more aggressive at protecting college students. They have laws that require colleges and universities to provide information to students about sexual assault on campus by publishing crime statistics in an annual security report that contains a public crime log.

Where the whole report falls short, in our opinion, is in reporting to campus security or campus staff rather than local law enforcement authorities. These staff members are employed by the University. The University has a vested interest in keeping crime statistics as low as possible. So a felony sexual assault has been notoriously reclassified as a violation of the student handbook.

We have always recommended that for the personal safety of female students, they carry a self-defense product with them at all times. Pepper spray is legal in New York whereas stun guns are problematic. Self-defense and personal safety should be paramount when sexual assault is so prevalent, however it often takes a backseat to the reputation of the University.

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