Four New Products To Keep An Eye Out For You

We have long been the online leader in the hidden spy camera field. As of this writing we carry hidden spy cameras on our website in many different categories, with many varying capabilities and in just about every price range starting from under $40.

Our article entitled How Hidden Cameras Can Detect The Undectable‘’ gives you more information about hidden spy cameras and is well worth a quick read.

Today we are proud to introduce our readers and customers to four new spy cameras which we are carrying in our store.

  1. The first one is from SleuthGear® brand and is one of their lines of spy cameras called “Xtreme Life.” It is the Kleenex Box Hidden Camera that has a pinhole camera hidden inside a tissue box. The camera can view up to 20 feet in near darkness with 940 near invisible infrared lights. It comes with an LCD receiver display for easy monitoring from convenient locations. This camera enables you to do wireless recording, monitoring and streaming for up to four Quad cameras. The digital wireless transmission can transmit images up to 700 feet without any interference. You can connect to an operational PC to remotely monitor a hidden camera system without the need for an IP set up or use it with a tablet PC or smart phone via an EZ app.

  2. The second hot new hidden spy camera is this SleuthGear® Xtreme Life™ outdoor hose reel that can be placed anywhere for convenience but is really meant for outdoor recording. It features wireless operation and motion activated recording. The Xtreme life battery allows you to record 20 hours in continuous recording mode and up to one year in standby mode on a single data recharge-that’s the Xtreme life way. This is another way to catch vandals doing damage to your property or your vehicle.
  3. Another new SleuthGear® Xtreme Life™ camera is this Plant Spy Camera as shown above that is an ordinary household decoration that can be put anywhere. It features discreet pinholes that are designed so the camera is undetectable in plain sight. It has a 140 degree field of view-one of the biggest in the industry. It features motion activated, continuous or scheduled recording modes. It has the ability to play back recorded video on your TV or PC. Xtreme Life™ uses rechargeable batteries that can last up to 30 days on a single charge.
  4. And if you are looking for an innocuous spy camera, the Black Box Spy Cam will certainly fill the bill. It features a recluse black box with built-in DVR and hidden camera. It uses 940 invisible IR’s for night vision. It has no pinhole that can reveal camera location. It features a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can be used up to 700 hours in standby or eight hours of continuous recording with the heat sensor mode. All video is date time stamped for easy retrieval.

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