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Four New Products To Keep An Eye Out For You

We have long been the online leader in the hidden spy camera field. As of this writing we carry hidden spy cameras on our website in many different categories, with many varying capabilities and in just about every price range starting from under $40.

Our article entitled How Hidden Cameras Can Detect The Undectable gives you more information about hidden spy cameras and is well worth a quick read.

Today we are proud to introduce our readers and customers to four new spy cameras which we are carrying in our store.

  1. The first one is from the Streetwise™ brand. It is the Wireless Charging Dock Hidden Camera that has a pinhole camera hidden inside a working phone charger. It is WiFi-enable with a 120-degree lens that is invisible to the eye and captures 1080p HD video. Using the free app on your phone, you can instantly stream live footage to your phone from anywhere. The camera also has a motion detection feature that, when triggered, will send you email and app notifications so you can instantly look in and see what is going on. The unit also is capable of recording video footage for viewing later onto an. Additionally, the charging dock camera is AC powered, so you never have to worry about running out of power.
  2. The second hot new hidden spy camera is this Bush Baby Dual Lens Fake Smoke Detector is perfect for placing anywhere a normal smoke detector would be. It features both a bottom view as well as a side view with 90 degrees of vision so you can see just about anything and never worry about blind spots. It allows you to stream in high definition 4K video footage anywhere, at any time using a PC or smart device. It can capture footage up to 25ft away in the darkness as well.
  3. Another new Bush Baby camera is this Fake Fuse Box Spy Camera that is perfect on the outside of most buildings. The hidden camera has a wide viewing angle of 90º that streams 4K resolution video to any smart device via a free downloadable app. The camera also has 850 nanometer IR lights that are invisible to the human eye, allowing it to see up to 20 ft in the dark. The night vision feature also uses a photocell sensor that automatically detects when it gets dark out and the camera has a motion detection feature that ensures you never miss a thing. Additionally, when motion is sensed an alert is sent via email and in the app so you can look in at a moments notice. The camera also has a DVR function allowing it to record footage to a microSD card for viewing later on a computer.
  4. And if you are looking for an innocuous spy camera, the Mini Alarm Clock Spy Camera will certainly fill the bill. It is a fully functioning clock that contains a 1080p WiFi-enabled camera with night vision and motion detection sensors for capturing footage day and night. You can stream real-time video to a smart device and you will also receive push notifications when you download the app to your phone and the motion sensor is triggered. It can also record either in continuous or motion detection mode to a microSD card. It can conveniently sit at your bedside or any table and record video without the risk of unwanted suspicion.

For more information about spy cameras check out our article entitled Hidden Spy Cameras-Ain’t What They Used To Be.

Have you ever used a hidden camera? Why did you use it? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts


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