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How Hidden Cameras Can Detect The Undectable

Elder abuse is one of the most difficult crimes to detect. Many elders in nursing homes or long-term care facilities have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia which makes verbalizing difficult. Caregivers prey upon this weakness, and when confronted with possible wrongdoing claim that the patient was mistaken.

Likewise child abuse at the hands of a nanny, is also difficult to detect. It is easy for the nanny to explain bruises and cuts on a small child, when a child cannot verbalize what happened.

In this article we will explain how hidden cameras can detect these heretofore nearly undetectable crimes.
The purpose of any hidden camera is to detect and catch people in the act of doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Hidden cameras have a long history going back to World War II days with various spy agencies like the CIA using them to get evidence to be used in a blackmail scheme. To this day the FBI, CIA and other governmental agencies use hidden cameras to gain evidence in complicated cases.

Nanny cameras got that name from their use by parents who suspect that their children were being abused by a nanny. Along the same vein, we presume that a camera that would be used to catch elder abuse would be called a granny camera. Why not?

Hidden cameras are common products that people are used to seeing on an everyday basis that have a pinhole camera and the DVR inside. Some are battery-operated and some are powered by an electrical outlet. The more common the product that houses the camera and DVR the better. The most common examples are clock radios, wall clocks and teddy bears.

Anyone who has children and leaves them with a caregiver, called a nanny, or a babysitter should consider having a Nanny Camera to detect possible cases of child abuse. They can also serve as a security camera to keep an eye on your nanny or babysitter and catch them looting the liquor cabinet or stealing items from the home. Occasionally we have seen examples of a nanny camera catching a burglar breaking into the house. So they are good for more than just keeping an eye on the nanny.

The most frequent places that granny cameras are used are in nursing homes. Currently four states have passed laws that allow the use of hidden cameras in nursing homes and more states are on the way. The reason for this is simple. The incidence of elder abuse in nursing homes has become almost epidemic.

Did you know that because of the shortage of qualified staff in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, management operators are reduced to hiring unqualified employees? Recent surveys show that nearly 60% of all residents in nursing homes have suffered some type of abuse. That same survey found that a surprising 30% of these unqualified employees have a criminal record. Would you trust the care of your parents to someone like that?

That is why a hidden camera has become a first line of defense for parents watching out for child abuse and elder abuse of their loved ones in a nursing home. They can detect the undetectable.

We have over 140 Covert Spy Cameras that can all be used as either nanny or granny cameras. You should check them all out to see which one would suit your needs the best.

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