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Customer Favorite Disguised Defensive Sprays-The Top Three

It is no secret that pepper sprays are the most widely used product for self-defense and personal safety of millions of people worldwide. They are small, easy to use, very effective and very affordable which is why they are a favorite especially for female self-defense.

Aside from it causing excruciating pain, pepper spray swells the mucous membranes in the nose making breathing difficult. It also swells the veins in the eyes which can cause temporary blindness. These attacks are only short lived for about 45 minutes.

Pepper sprays are so effective that every law enforcement officer in the country carries one on his utility belt as his first nonlethal enforcement alternative.

There is a category of pepper sprays that are disguised, most commonly as lipstick or perfume containers, which add another dimension to their effectiveness-the element of surprise in an attack. These disguised defensive sprays have all the characteristics and effects of the non-disguised variety.

In this article we will take a look at the top three customer favorite disguised defensive sprays. You will then understand why these are a favorite for personal safety and female self-defense.

  1. The first one on our list is this Streetwise brand Pepper Spray Pen which contains 6 to 8 one second bursts of oleoresin capsicum which have a range up to 7 feet away in a container that is disguised as a real pen. It contains the Taser streetwise 18 formula which has been independently tested to be 46% hotter than competing brands. It also contains an ultraviolet marking dye for assailant identification.
  2. Second on our list of customer favorite disguised pepper sprays is this Hot Lips Spray which contains a stronger concentration-15%-of oleoresin capsicum than most competitors. It has a firing range of 8 to 20 feet with 20 half second bursts. It is available in black, pink, blue, red, or silver for the fashion conscious woman.
  3. Third on our list is this Perfume Pepper Spray by Streetwise. It has a 17% concentration of oleoresin capsicum which makes it nearly twice as strong as the average defensive spray. It comes in an attractive heart shaped perfume case and is available in black, purple and pink.

Pepper sprays are legal everywhere, but some cities and states have restrictions on their strength and amounts in the container. Check with your local police department first before ordering one.

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