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Pepper Spray Used in Self-Defense

As you may know, home invasions are a much more serious offense than home burglary, usually because the invader is armed and there is more than one of them unlike a burglary where there is usually only one unarmed perpetrator.

In this case, he had no firearm or weapon, but ambushed a young woman as she was attempting to go to her home. Once inside, the assailant attacked the victim punching her and pushing her to the floor.

The victim was able to get to her pepper spray can that she carries for self-defense and use it on the assailant, which caused him to back off, giving the victim time to run to the bathroom and lock the door.

The victim recognized the assailant and did not call police because she was afraid of retaliation against her. The victim had cuts and scratches as a result of the attack.

It gets more bazaar because the perpetrator took several stolen items in a duffel bag to an acquaintance’s home and left it with two people there. The following day, the perp was confronted outside his home, which was near the home invasion and was attacked by three unknown men which did appear to be retaliation.

First of all, congratulations to the young lady for having the foresight to have a self-defense product such as pepper spray with her. The effectiveness of pepper spray, when used as a self-defense weapon, is really second to none.

In another different case, a woman used pepper spray as her primary means of self-defense when an unarmed assailant tried to pull her from her car in a parking lot. The assailant tried to get into her car she pulled into her driveway but her pepper spray was nearby. She sprayed the man and he ran off. She had minor cuts and abrasions but required no hospitalization.

Think about this if you will. Every law enforcement officer in the country carries pepper spray on his utility belt. It is close to 90% effective, which makes it the first choice for police officers, as far as nonlethal self-defense products are concerned. If it’s good enough for them, maybe it should be good enough for you.

Pepper spray can incapacitate an assailant for as long as 45 minutes by causing extreme pain, shortness of breath and tearing of the eyes so bad that the eyelids may actually close.

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