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Sidekick II Strobe Alert-Product Review

This is an article doing a product review of Silent Call® Communication’s Sidekick II Strobe Alert. The base unit of this system is a receiver that detects incoming signals from any signature series add-on transmitter. Up to three receivers can be used in any one household for notification in multiple areas.

It can be used for home security and provide a wireless alert when visitors are at your front door or windows or doors are opened. It can also notify you when there’s an excessive amount of smoke or carbon monoxide present serving as a safety monitor. For senior citizens or those who are hard of hearing it can notify them when there is a ringing telephone or the front door bell rings. There is also a Floor Mat Pressure Activated Monitor and an Optional Bed Vibrator that syncs with Sidekick II to wake you if you are asleep.

The transmitter operates up to 2000 feet away from the receiver which has a built-in alarm clock. Flashing strobe lights alert you when individual transmitters are triggered, and each transmitter synchronizes with a specific LED digital icon on the receiver to let you know which transmitter was triggered.

Each unit comes with a backup battery that will last for 24 hours in the event of a power outage. Each transmitter is sold separately so you can get as many or as few as you want to cover as many options as you wish. Everything is easy to install and uses plug-and-play technology.

When a signal is detected from one of the transmitters, the receiver will flash a strobe light to alert you of various situations in your home such as getting a phone call, someone at your front door or an emergency such as smoke or carbon monoxide.

This wireless alert Window/Door Sensor sends a signal to the base unit receiver notifying you that a window or door has been opened.

This Strobe Alert Receiver can help with home security or as an aid to elderly or hearing impaired home occupants.

This multifunctional wireless strobe alert flashes a strobe light at the receiver when any one of six transmitters is activated. It is a great benefit for elderly or hearing impaired residents and for home security.

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