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Beginner’s Guide To Tasers

Beginner’s Guide To Tasers

If you’ve been considering getting a Taser for self-protection, or you’ve already purchased one, you’re probably attracted by their force and their ability to shoot out electrodes. Yet, it is these powerful features that require you to do some research once you make your purchase. Tasers may save your life in the event of an attack but they could also be somewhat dangerous if deployed improperly. At The Home Security Superstore, we have Tasers in a variety of models. Once you’re ready to buy, or if you’ve already bought, we’re here for you! So, let’s take a look at some tips for beginners.

Understanding Taser Law

Before you learn how to use a Taser, it’s important to find out if Tasers are legal in your state. Similar to firearms, Tasers are subject to state and city laws and are banned in four states. In the remaining 46 states, you may buy and use a Taser gun within the limits of the law. In Minnesota, for instance, you may only buy a Taser if you pass a background check. In Connecticut, anyone can buy a Taser as a consumer, but you may only keep and use it in your home. Tasers are banned in Hawaii, Washington DC, New York, Rhode Island, and Annapolis, MD. Always research your state law before you attempt to have a Taser shipped to you.

Reviewing Different Taser Options

There are several Taser models on the market, and you’ll have several options on The Home Security Superstore website. Tasers differ from stun guns in that you don’t need to make direct contact with your attacker to use the weapon – Tasers shoot prongs from the end of the weapon, which sticks to the target (many Tasers can double as a stun gun if you need them to, however). Tasers can typically reach a target up to 15 feet away, but different models may differ in size and voltage. Review your options and purchase a Taser that you are prepared to handle safely and store securely.

Learning to Operate a Taser Safely

If Tasers are legal in your city and state, once the ideal model lands in your hands you still have some work to do. Taser pain is significant, so you never want your Taser to go off unintentionally or hit the wrong target. The most important thing to do right away is to figure out how the safety works and how exactly to engage and disengage it. Your Taser should always remain disarmed unless you are training safely or are confronting a potential attacker. 

Next, work on aiming the weapon. Taser makes this somewhat easy by embedding a flashlight and targeting laser into all Taser models, to help you effectively aim and hit the target. The best place to hit a target is on their torso. Don’t actually deploy the prongs in a practice session – just get familiar with how to grab the Taser in a hurry and point it to the appropriate spot on your target. Keep in mind that Tasers require both prongs to land on the target in order to be effective. Finally, understand how long the Taser will stun your target. In most cases, the charge will automatically last for 30 seconds. During this window, the target should be incapacitated -- this is your chance to drop the Taser and run. 

Taser Maintenance

Hopefully, you never actually have to defend yourself against an attacker. In that case, your Taser may sit in a drawer unused most of the time. Every once in a while (perhaps every 3 months), just pick up the Taser and run a test charge in order to assure the battery still holds a charge. To do this, safely eject the electrode cartridge from the front of the Taser. Then disengage the safety, and press the fire button. If the electric charge runs without a problem for a few seconds, then the battery is probably fine. You can now re-engage the safety and put the cartridge back into the Taser body. If no electricity is emitted during your test, however, then you’ll have to order a new battery. If you don't ever test the Taser and just allow it to sit there for a year or so, it may not work when you need it most.

Learning how and when to use a Taser is a big deal – but so is the payoff. You can enjoy peace of mind when you’re at home alone or out and about in the world. Tasers and stun guns are powerful tools of self-defense that, when handled with care, could save your life. Do you still have questions about how to use a Taser? Contact The Home Security Superstore today. We can explain our Taser gun for sale and help you determine which Taser meets your needs for personal safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do tasers have a safety?

Yes, tasers are trusted to work by law enforcement and security professionals around the world as a means of effective non-lethal protection that disables an attacker allowing for them to be taken into custody safely with no lasting harm.

Do tasers work?

Baton prices range from under $20 to as much as $100 or more for professional batons used by law enforcement.

How far do tasers shoot?

Tasers can shoot from a far distance of up to 15 feet, but the optimal range to ensure you get the most accurate shot would be within 10 feet.

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