The Ultimate Home Security Guide

Street self-defense is certainly the most commonly referred-to form of protective training. And it should be, since the majority of attacks happen outside of the home (i.e., “on the street”). But what about the attacks that occur inside the home? Unfortunately

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The Ultimate Self-Defense Guide: How to Keep Yourself Safe on the Streets

There are literally thousands of books written on the subject of self-defense, all claiming to have the secret sauce for protecting oneself and surviving an attack. Indeed

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10 Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons

In most cases of self-defense, lethal force will not be necessary or legal. Typically, arguments escalate, emotions run high, and individuals attack because they feel threatened or disrespected.

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Stun Gun Laws And Restrictions

Stun guns are an appealing personal weapon for many people. Not only can you carry a stun gun discreetly in your purse or keep it in your glove box for emergencies, but it’s fairly easy to be trained to use one safely.

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TASER Laws By State

TASERs are a brand of stun gun that has shooting prongs and can quickly protect you from an attacker, even at a distance. While TASER law enforcement laws are nearly universal and lenient

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Mace vs. Pepper Spray: What’s the Difference?

Walking to your car at dusk feels a lot safer if you have some protection on your keychain or in a purse pocket. Pepper spray is one self-defense tool that is affordable and effective. Legal in most states, pepper spray delivers a stunning and powerful offense against would-be attackers.

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