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Be Informed on Sexual Assaults in the Military and on Campus

One of the big headlines recently has been about sexual assaults in the military. There have been numerous headlines about this topic. The most glaring statistics are that there were 26,000 reported sexual assaults in the military last year. And almost exactly like sexual assaults that occurred on college campuses, fewer than one in ten ever gets reported. And again, just like college campus assaults the assailant is known in a vast majority of the cases.

So why do we say sexual assaults in the military and on college campuses are out of control? Here are a few potential reasons why, which we will discuss in this article. The answers to this problem are clear but getting there is an entirely different matter, as we will point out. Both the military and college campuses appear to be closed cultures that are not readily amenable to change.

The most recent statistics that we see about campus assaults are that one in four women will be assaulted in her time at a college or university. Some people estimate that as a low figure. The problem is exacerbated by drug and alcohol abuse and quite frankly, the na�vet� of young college freshmen.

This problem has been discussed forever. Until this crime, which is considered a felony everywhere is handled by a civilian law enforcement agency rather than the campus police force, it will go on being mishandled as a violation of the student handbook with a penalty of a slap on the wrist rather than jail time.

Colleges and universities will do anything they can to protect the reputation of their school, which is why these crimes are handled the way they are currently. Rather than reporting a felony assault for the Clery Act reporting purposes, it is handled as a minor infraction of the student handbook. There is quite a difference!

At the root of the problem is the reputation of the University and its ability to raise funds from graduates and large corporate donors who wouldn’t want to have anything to do with the University that has a reputation tarnished by sexual assaults.

Likewise in the military, company grade officers are under enormous pressure to maintain control of the enlisted personnel under their jurisdiction. Field grade officers are very quick to downgrade a company grade officer’s efficiency report if he had sexual assault problems with the personnel under his command.

Women in the military and women on a college campus need to learn how to defend themselves against a sexual predator by carrying and knowing how to use a self-defense product. It may seem silly for a military member to be using a pepper spray. Using deadly force with a 45 caliber handgun is not the answer to a sexual assault – nonlethal force is the answer.

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