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Winter Wilderness Survival Tips

Winter Wilderness Survival Tips

We have been writing about survival stories for quite some time now, mostly because our readers seem to enjoy them and get great info about outdoor survival. In today’s story we will discuss some new survival stories including survival tips for winter hoping that you may learn from them. Read on to learn more.

The first story comes to us from Australia where a woman was lost for five days in the wilderness. She managed to survive the ordeal by using what is called “bush craft” which included building a hut, and using mud as a sunscreen and river moss to keep warm. The woman, who was from the Netherlands, became lost in thick bushland. Victoria Police Inspector Mark Edwards said it was the first time he had seen someone survive after being lost for that length of time. She used river moss to keep herself warm during the night. “She found two logs that were relatively close together, and used some branches and leaves and bracken from the bush to make herself a little hut.” When she was found she was less than 2 km away from where she started out. Apparently when you start walking in the bush, you lose all sense of direction and end up going around in circles.

Build A Fire-especially in winter months this is the absolute number one step. And once you get one started, you need to keep it going, not just to stay warm, but as a signaling device. It is worthwhile for all backcountry explorers to know how to build a fire. If you don’t know, it is worth studying and learning.

Build a Shelter-you absolutely need to have a place to hunker down because sudden blizzards can strike at any time. Believe it or not, a cave is not a good place for a shelter. Among other things it may be the winter home of a bear. This topic too may require some study and research for you to become proficient.

Signaling-if you are going to be gone for more than one night and people don’t know where you are, you need to find a way to signal for help. Your fire may be one way to do it. Two other good ways are a small mirror which can reflect sunlight for tens of miles or a whistle which can be heard by humans but more likely by search dogs.

Finding water-eating snow is the best way to replace water in your system but don’t eat it too fast or you could develop hypothermia. It is better to warm the snow over your campfire and then drink it.

Finding food-is the least important because the body can go for weeks without food. It may also be the most difficult. Pine needles contain vitamin C and are a good ingredient for tea. Pine nuts are good if you can find them.

Obviously, it is best if you don’t get yourself into an emergency situation like this – getting lost in the winter in the wilderness. But if you do, remember these tips.

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What survival tips can you share with us? Don’t be shy, chime in with your thoughts!

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