Going DIY with Home Security

Take Your Security Into Your Own Hands

Statistically, your home is one of the safest places you can be. Despite what the numbers say there’s always something you can do to make your humble abode more secure for yourself, your family, and even your pets. Home security doesn’t have to be handled by a professional!

There are dozens of DIY home security products available designed to give you peace of mind with minimal effort. Implementing home security measures yourself isn’t as difficult as you think and comes with plenty of benefits:

  • DIY home security is considerably less expensive than professionally installed systems
  • You can customize your home security products to your home and your needs
  • Anything you install can be removed and taken with you if you change homes
  • You won’t have to wait for an installation time or an assessment and you can work on your own time

So, where do you start when you want to install some additional security measures in your home or rental? If you’re renting you should always check your lease to determine what you’re allowed to do to the property. If you own your own home you’ll have more leeway but you should make sure you’re aware of any neighborhood covenants or regulations, too.

Here are a few DIY home security items to add to the list of upcoming weekend projects. In just a few minutes you could install your way to a safer, more secure property!

Motion-Activated Lights

Shouldn’t you know when someone enters your home or even when they pull into your driveway? Motion detecting lights are designed to come on when they sense motion caused by a trespasser, an animal, or even your teens sneaking out. You can mount these small lights just about anywhere and they come in plug-in and battery operated styles. And, bonus: they stay dark until activated so they won’t keep you up at night.

Door AlarmDoor Alarms

Did you know you can buy and install door security alarms yourself? Battery-operated magnetic contact alarms go off when someone breaks the magnetic seal between alarm and door, and vibration alarms alert you when there’s heavy vibration or shattering glass. Many DIY home alarms come with wall-mount keypads and keychain press-pads, too. These install-your-own solutions are far less expensive than a professional home monitoring plan.

Security Cameras

Security cameras in or around your home may seem excessive but they’re a smart solution if you live in an area with vandalism, break-ins, or physical attacks. Not only that, but installing security cameras on your front porch can keep people from stealing your packages when you’re not home! Today’s wireless security cameras contain USB storage receivers and many use motion-activation sensors. Don’t like the idea of being recorded in or on your property? Consider purchasing decoy security cameras to install around your home to deter theft.

Gun Safe

Did you know that in over 50% of gun-related minor deaths, the gun was kept in the child’s own home? Having a gun on your property may help you feel ready for intruders and attackers but the statistics don’t lie: your gun is a hazard to your children. The easiest way to prevent access to your gun is to install a gun safe. Fingerprint safes, keypad models, and “hidden” safes that look like books or other household items are less expensive than you think and they’ll keep your gun handy but out-of-reach of children.

Do it yourself home security can consist of as many or as few items as you need. If you want to set up a veritable Fort Knox at your home, go ahead! It’s your right to protect your family and yourself and it all starts with being prepared. A few hours spent choosing suitable home security devices can prevent years of heartache and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

So, which home security products will you be installing this weekend?

A Secure Neighborhood Home