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Why “Knock-Knock” Burglaries Are So Effective

There is a new technique burglars use which has come to light in the last few weeks. They are called “knock-knock” burglaries and have produced excellent results for the burglars, further reducing their chances of getting caught.

In this article we will explain what they are, why they are so effective and suggest some ways that you can prevent them from happening.

These burglaries require a little bit more bravado from the burglars because it requires them to walk up to the front door in broad daylight and knock on the door to see if anyone is at home. If no one answers, the burglar proceeds to the rear of the house and either enters through an open or unlocked door or window or in a worst case-break in.

If someone does answer the front door, they put on a little act that they are selling magazine subscriptions, Avon products or whatever.

This technique is different from most home burglaries where burglars do everything they can to stay hidden from prying eyes of neighbors, and it virtually assures the burglars that the homeowners are not there.

Unfortunately, home burglary is one of the easiest crimes for the bad guys to commit, and to make it worse there is very little chance-less than 13%-that they will ever get caught.

Every law enforcement officer will tell you that you should always keep your windows and doors locked even when you’re at home. That is the premier home security tip you can learn today.

Installing some inexpensive home security alarms that are activated when a window or door is opened can act as a deterrent to most burglars who are inexperienced at their crime.

The Barking Dog Alarm can sense movement through walls, doors and glass up to 10 feet away and up to 15 feet away through unobstructed areas. Once movement is detected, the sound of a barking dog starts. The sensitivity range and volume are both adjustable. It uses 8 AA batteries as a backup to the standard wall electrical outlet. There is a keychain remote control to arm or disarm the unit.

Law enforcement authorities will tell you that the sound of a barking dog is the most effective deterrent to home burglary and is the best deterrent to these knock-knock techniques. Not everyone wants a dog, we understand that. The barking dog alarm offers the best of both worlds-the sounds of a barking dog when an intruder enters the protected area and no feeding, cleaning, training or negative aspects of having a pet.

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