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Car Spy Cameras-Valuable Multi-Tasking Products

We have always loved products that can do more than one thing-multi-tasking is what it’s called. And we have always admired people who are good at many things-multi-taskers as they are called. It seems in today’s fast-paced society if you are not a multi-tasker, you will get left in the dust.

Products that can do more than one thing add value to that product and make it more desirable. That is why we are high on some of these spy cameras that go in cars. Here we will take a look at some car spy cameras and give you an idea of what they can do. It is just possible that they may solve one or more of your security problems. They are valuable multi-tasking products.

The primary use is to document automobile accidents and provide valuable evidence of what really happened in a car crash. Unfortunately, automobile accidents happen with a lot of drivers who have no insurance and may try to weasel their way out of an uncomfortable situation with police by lying. If you have visual evidence of what happened in an automobile accident, it is difficult, if not impossible, to disprove.

A second possible use of these car spy cameras is to catch vandalism at your house and improve your home security and possibly prevent car theft. Vandalism is a big problem in less desirable areas of many cities and car theft is a rapidly growing crime-just ask any police department.

If you leave your car parked in your driveway or even in the street with your car spy camera pointed towards your house, you may be able to catch the images of anyone trying to do car theft or vandalism to your home or car.

This Night Vision Car Camera DVR can be easily mounted in your car on your dashboard. If you are involved in an accident, simply use the two-inch flip down screen to view the captured video. The night vision feature is automatically activated at night. This spy camera operates on a rechargeable battery or by plugging the included 12 V car charger into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

If you travel a lot, as many people do, you increase your exposure to automobile accidents. A car spy camera can help provide irrefutable evidence in such an event and may prevent a lengthy and costly dispute with an insurance company. The car spy camera can also improve your home security and document a vandalism event at your home or car theft.

This HD Car Dash Camera with screen has a built-in zoom feature and also uses a rechargeable battery or cigarette lighter in the vehicle. It has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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