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Why Aren’t You Carrying Pepper Spray?

Why Aren’t You Carrying Pepper Spray?

Maybe if you knew some of the people who use pepper sprays all over the world, it would convince you how effective it is and change your mind about whether you should carry one. First of all, let me say that it is the most popular self-defense item there is. It has been around for thousands of years ever since Chinese warriors used it when they threw bags of hot spices at their enemies.

Today it uses a 10% or more concentration of oleoresin capsicum (OC) a derivative of one of the hottest peppers in the world. A short spray of OC in the face will disable an assailant for 30 minutes or more. The FBI in the 1980’s authorized the use of OC spray by their agents so it is a relatively new self-defense product.

You can learn a lot more about defensive sprays in our article entitled ‘Pepper Spray-Everything You Need To Know’

A group of users for female self-defense is the Uganda defense ministry who is buying pepper sprays for use by young women in their country to fight off rapists. According to a recent study, defilement and rape were among the top crimes in Uganda. Unfortunately, many are not reported.

The State Minister for Youth and Children said that with a pepper spray women can easy easily repel an attacker. Rape is much more than just an assault crime in many countries. It’s used as a political weapon and a powerful one.

In the United States defensive sprays are legal in every state, but a few states have restrictions on the concentration of OC. It is illegal even for police officers to carry it in some countries.

Every law enforcement officer in this country carries one. Army and National Guard troops throughout the U.S. carry pepper spray, and military police officers carry pepper spray for crowd control and criminal apprehension. A good example was the police use of tear gas for crowd control and Jefferson, Missouri.

Postal workers are issued defensive sprays by the USPS as the primary defense against dog attacks and dog bites

Outdoorsmen like campers, hikers, hunters and fishermen should never go into the back country without bear pepper spray which is the most effective defense against a bear attack. This Froniersman Bear Spray has a range of up to 35 feet-a range necessary to stop a bear and is the maximum strength allowed by the EPA.

Professional women such as teachers, nurses and real estate agents are targets of violence by a 9 to 1 margin over men. In this day and age women are much more mobile and get around more. This sense of freedom does not go unnoticed by perverts and assailants who continue to target them. Some hospitals are encouraging their employees to carry pepper spray for female self-defense.

Homeowners and apartment dwellers should have a pepper spray somewhere in their house to protect them in a home invasion.

Actually, there aren’t too many people when you get right down to it, who wouldn’t improve their chances for survival in an assault by having a pepper spray nearby. Why aren’t you carrying one?

 Please share your experience with defensive sprays. We want to hear your thoughts.

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