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Ways to Hide Nanny Cams

We’re all busy, and most of us with children (and jobs) need to leave our little ones with trusted guardians during the day. But there have been tragedies and malfeasance in the babysitting world, and trust is always questionable. That’s why making sure your nanny is taking good care of your child is critical. To make sure you can trust your nanny, it’s a good idea to learn ways to hide nanny cams from the start – before any unfavorable circumstances arise.

If you’re wondering where to hide a nanny cam, it’s easier than you might think. Hiding a nanny cam can be as easy as installing a camera somewhere inconspicuous. Depending on the involvement your nanny has in household chores, however, you may want to opt for a more covert camera that absolutely won’t be discovered when your nanny is cleaning around the house.

Disguising Nanny Cams

It’s completely within the law to record your nanny without him or her knowing, as long as you’re only recording video and you don’t record in places where one would reasonably expect privacy – for instance in parts of the bathroom. In many states, recording with audio does require advising your nanny that you’ll be filming. But, you don’t have to tell the nanny where the camera, or cameras, is located.

Disguising nanny cams is imperative so that you can keep an eye on your child’s bedroom and all areas of the house where the nanny and child might interact. It’s crucial that you install a nanny cam that blends in seamlessly with the surroundings and won’t be uncovered should things be picked up, moved, or used.

Hiding Nanny Cams

So, where do you hide nanny cams? You place them inside of normal everyday objects to get the most stealth from your camera. You can choose cover recording setups, like teddy bear nanny cams, nanny cams that look like coffee makers, clock nanny cams, and lamps that have nanny cameras in them.

It’s best to opt for a combination of these cameras so you have multiple views of the inside of your house (for outside, choose landscape lighting nanny cams). Place a framed picture nanny cam over your baby’s crib or put a smoke detector camera in the kitchen where your child’s food is usually prepared. Nanny cams will pick up actions and words that you can review to determine if your nanny is the best choice, or if he or she is doing something criminal. If you feel you need to record the area where your baby takes a bath, it’s important to note that you can position a nanny cam toward the tub but not aimed at a toilet that the nanny might use.

These are just some of the ways that you can hide a nanny cam to make sure your little ones are being taken care of properly. For all of your needs, The Home Security Superstore has affordable nanny cam options for you.

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