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Home Security Tips-The Real Value Of Neighborhood Watch-Safety Tip Of The Week

Last week I attended some training for the neighborhood watch program where I am block Captain for my building. The lead trainer, who is a volunteer, talked a lot about home security issues in general safety issues affecting the city-namely the shortage of police officers in the current budget crisis.

He pointed out the importance of the neighborhood watch program, especially now with fewer police officers on the payroll. He told us that burglaries for example were up 10% in the city last year and so far this year were up 15%-one of the few areas of crime that’s on the increase.

We talked about some ideas that could be used to help improve your home security. Right at the top of the list were motion activated spotlights and security cameras. Our trainer told us that real security cameras can be expensive and that Fake Security Cameras were a viable alternative.

I found out that the local police department does training classes for both personal security and home security depending on availability of officers. They will even do a home safety audit.

He recommends keeping some Self Defense Products located around the house in case of a home invasion.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Do you belong to a Neighborhood Watch Group? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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