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Tips on Preventing Identify Theft

Every year close to 15 million Americans lose their identities with one of the fastest-growing crimes in the country-identity theft. This accounts for losses to those individuals of $50 billion or more and endangers their personal security and financial security. The losses in an individual case average $3500. That is why the Justice Department says identity theft as the most frequent, costly and pervasive crime in the country. Many drug dealers are converting to identity theft as their source of income, mostly because it’s less risky. It is a growing nightmare for law enforcement, but mostly for the victims.

The traditional methods of identity theft by stealing wallets have been supplemented by dumpster diving and Internet e-mail scams. The level of sophistication seems to be growing every day to steal identities from Americans.

It used to be that only credit, debit cards, checking and savings accounts were the targets. But now any document that has your name on it can be used to steal your identity. This includes any kind of bill that you might get in the mail. Once ID thieves have your information they sell it as part of a list to people all over the world who can use it for employment purposes or to give false information to police if arrested.

Protection Techniques

Here are some valuable tips that may help you to protect your identity.

1. The first is to opt out of as many unwanted credit offers, junk mail, e-mail spam and telephone solicitations you might get.

2. One of the most obvious ways is to increase the security of all incoming and outgoing mail, which is still a favorite method of identity thieves.

3. What most Americans call trash day identity thieves call cash day. Why? Because in most trash cans, identity thieves can get rich. Identity thieves can make a mint from casually discarded items that most of us throw away without a send thought.

4. Be careful what you carry in your wallet. Theft of wallets and purses remains the most common way for the bad guys to steal your identity.

5. Be careful what you carry in your car. Did you know that you are not required to carry your insurance and automobile registration in your car? You are only required to present it to law enforcement should you be stopped. Carry it on your person.

6. Secure personal information in your home. Home burglary is also one of the fastest growing crimes in the country and is the most common. While home burglars used to look for jewelry, cash, handguns and other items they can pawn, they now look for keys to your identity which can be just as valuable.

7. A phishing expedition is not looking for a fish but rather a way to entice you to yield up your personal information over the Internet.

Enhance your personal security and financial security by following these tips to prevent ID theft.

This ID Theft Roller is better and cheaper than a shredder.

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