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The Barking Dog Without The Bite And Hassle Of A Dog

You can ask any police officer what the best way is to protect your home. His answer will undoubtedly be having a dog. Burglars are afraid of dogs not only because of the noise they make, but the threat to life and limb from an attack. Even having a sign in your front yard warning of a vicious guard dog is an effective way to protect your home and possessions.

Dogs have especially acute senses of hearing and smell and can detect an approaching stranger from as far as hundreds of feet away. That is one reason why dogs are so feared by burglars. They can’t sneak up on them or get into the house without the dog knowing it.

A human’s hearing range stops at around 20 kHz whereas a dog can hear up to 40 kHz.

And the size of the dog doesn’t matter. A pitbull or Rottweiler is much more menacing than a poodle, but a poodle can bark and bite just as effectively as a bigger dog.

In case you don’t know, your home is a target of burglars on a year-round basis. The proactive steps that you take to prevent burglary may pay off big dividends. Whatever you do to improve your home security by preventing burglary should include some motion activated alarms.

The electronic watchdog is a Motion Activated Alarm which is one of the most effective home security alarms ever. It can sense activity through walls, doors and glass up to as much as 15 feet away. The sensitivity range is adjustable as is the volume. Once activity is detected in the protected area, the sound of a barking dog begins, much like a real dog, and gets louder and more frequent as the intruder gets closer. There is no installation required for this motion activated alarm. You simply plug it in and set the volume and sensitivity required. As an option, you can also sound of chime to announce visitors or guests. It comes with a remote control that you can use to arm or disarm the unit.

You can add up to sixteen motion and window/door sensors to expand the coverage of your electronic watchdog. These sensors wirelessly communicate with the electronic watchdog up to 300 feet away. The electronic watchdog or barking dog alarm is excellent for indoor use in homes, garages, offices, factories, warehouses and more.

When you are looking for an excellent way to protect your home and improve your home security, a barking dog is definitely the answer. But for many reasons homeowners don’t want to be hassled with the responsibility of owning a dog. That is where the barking dog alarm comes in. As a standalone product, it provides excellent home security and burglary prevention. It provides a gateway to more complete home security by adding 16 additional sensors.

How do you protect your home? Have you ever used motion alarms?

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