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Pepper Spray-Who Uses It?

Who uses pepper spray? When you get right down to it, it might be easier to list those who don’t carry pepper spray. In this article, we will share with you some of the users of pepper spray. It might change your mind about whether or not you should carry one. It is by far the number one self-defense product in the world. It has been around literally thousands of years in one form or another. Ancient Chinese warriors in the eighth century threw bags of hot spices at their enemies.

Today’s version of pepper spray uses oleoresin capsicum, a derivative of the cayenne pepper. It comes in varying potencies from as little as 10% concentration up to as much as 18%. But it is the percentage of major capsaicinoids that is really critical. Most pepper sprays have less than .2% major capsaicinoids. Bear pepper sprays have a major capsaicinoids level of as high as 1.6%.

Let’s start with law enforcement officers. Every law enforcement officer in the country carries pepper spray on his utility belt. It is the first line of nonlethal self-defense for them. Even military police officers carry it for crowd control and criminal apprehension. Private company security guards carry pepper spray on their utility belt as well as a detention facility, county, state, and federal prison guards.

Letter carriers with the United States Post Office carry a pepper spray as the first line of defense against dog attacks. And you, as a taxpaying citizen, pay for that.

Recently, an official with the Indian government made a statement that women should arm themselves with pepper sprays because the incidence of sexual assault in that country had gotten out of hand.

Anyone who goes into the backcountry such as campers, hunters, hikers, and fishermen should carry a bear pepper spray. They have been proven to be the most effective defense against a bear attack-even more effective than a handgun.

Professional women who travel a lot carry pepper spray for their personal safety. Female-heavy occupations such as teaching, nursing and real estate all have big use for pepper spray for their employees’ self-defense. Then there are the one in four female college students who get sexually assaulted at some point in their four-year career at a University.

Every homeowner or apartment dweller in the country should have a pepper spray somewhere in their home to protect against burglary or home invasion.

That covers a lot of people who use pepper spray as their first line of nonlethal self-defense and personal safety. When are you getting one?

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