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The Barking Dog Alarm and Other Best Value Home Security Products

The home security business is a huge, huge business approaching $45 billion a year in sales in the United States. There are thousands of companies that sell home security products. There are tens of thousands of products available for homeowners to choose from to improve their security. They are products that range from the simple window alarm to sophisticated home alarm systems and everything in between.

Why is this such a huge business? One of the reasons is because home burglary is so big.

Did you know that one out of six homes will be burglarized on an annual basis? What that means is that if you live in your home for six years, then you stand a 100% chance of being burglarized. The value of goods taken in an average home burglary is close to $1600 with another $2000, on average, of damage done to the home. So it’s to your economic benefit to do something to prevent a home burglary. The best way is to get some home security products.

But there are some things you can do before you spend any money to improve your security. You can do something as simple as putting up a handmade sign in your front yard that warns of a vicious guard dog or a sign that warns of a home security system in place. Even joining or starting a neighborhood watch program is an effective way to improve your home security and it is free.

Of all the products on the market today several stand out as being a good value for the money in security for the home. First on the list are dummy security cameras. They are very realistic looking with LED lights that signal that they are on. But there’s no camera inside-it’s just the housing so they’re very inexpensive. You can get a very good fake home security camera for less than $20. When a burglar sees a security camera outside a home he thinks twice about making that home a target. He won’t know if it’s a fake or real security camera.

You can buy security signs for your home for about $10 that warn of a security system in place. Put one in your front yard or in the front window of your home. They send a signal to burglars who case a neighborhood to stay away.

But to my way of thinking the best value in security products is a home security alarm called the barking dog alarm or the electronic dog. Police authorities will tell you that the single best deterrent to home burglary is a guard dog. Many people don’t want a dog. You can get the same effect with the electronic dog.

The Barking Dog Alarm protects an area up to 20 feet away in a one hundred degree arc. If someone enters that area, the sound of a vicious guard dog starts.

The electronic dog is the best value in a security product as a home security alarm.

The Barking Dog Alarm is the best value in a home security product.

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