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Self-Defense Classes – The Absolute Best Way to Stop Bullying of Your Child

Bullying is exposure to negative activity by one or more people where the victim may not be able defend himself. It involves a power imbalance, repeated and aggressive behavior that is not wanted.

There are all types of bullying including verbal, physical, online, sexual, racial and more. Here are some facts that you may find alarming.

1. “It has been estimated that one out of four teenagers is bullied in some way.

2. As many as 160,000 students stay away from school every day because they’re afraid of being bullied.

3. One out of five kids admits to being a bully.

4. 282,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools each month as a result of bullying.

5. In 80% of the cases an argument with a bully ends up in a physical fight.

6. 90% of LGBT students experience harassment at school or online.”

In the vast majority of cases there is a physical element to it usually with the big guy picking on a little guy. If this is happening to you or someone in your family, here is the absolute best way to stop bullying.

Maybe you’ve heard the expression that “the best defense is a good offense.” In the case of bullying the idea is to learn self defense techniques as a way of defending yourself. Martial arts training or martial arts classes are a great way to start at an early age. If a young boy or girl begins self defense classes at an early age and continues to practice those skills, they will last them a lifetime.

One of the keys in learning martial arts is the idea of using it only in self defense. Many people believe that martial arts training or martial arts classes, if done as a family, is a great way not only to learn the skills but also develop self-confidence in the process and develop deep and lasting family bonds that are irreplaceable.

There are all kinds of places where you can take self defense classes. But why learn from your local barber who happens to know some martial arts? Why not learn from an expert in the field? Paul Vunak teaches Navy SEALs, FBI agents, SWAT team members and others the basic skills of self defense called “Jeet Kune Do.”

In his hour-long video called Street Safe he teaches beginners, young boys and girls and women the basics of this street fighting technique that will get you out of the vast majority of fights quickly and easily.

The absolute best way to stop bullying of your child is for him to learn some basic self defense techniques so he can defend himself. A well-placed pop in the nose in his first confrontation with a bully will stop others in their tracks.

Self defense classes in a home study situation offer the opportunity to learn martial arts from a pro and repeat the lesson as often as you need it. The self defense techniques learned will last forever.

Here is another video that was developed by a female assault victim and long time martial arts instructor called Street Combat that is geared specifically towards women’s self-defense techniques.

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