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Four Different Stun Devices for Personal Self Defense

Stun guns are one of the most popular products for self-defense in America. They are on average 90% effective except when you consider tasers which are 100% effective. They are hand-held products that conduct an electrical charge from prongs on one end. The charge is generated by a battery. Some stun devices are rechargeable saving you money on batteries.

When it is activated electrical sparks fly from prong to prong causing an intimidating sound. The sight of the electrical sparks and the intimidating sounds frequently can scare an assailant away. If not, the power of the electrical charge short-circuits the body’s muscular system causing enormous energy to be used-so much so that the assailant has no energy left.

Although some exceptions exist, there are four styles; regular, disguised, stun batons and stun flashlights. They all do the same thing but each style has its own advantages. They all provide excellent personal self-defense and personal security.

Regular stun devices are just that. There is nothing special about them other than the fact that they are usually very small and powerful. One of the smallest is the Cheetah “Matrix Finger Grip” rechargeable one million volt stun device that is 4 inches long and 2.25 inches wide. Another small one is the “Hot Shot” stun gun at only 3 inches tall and 4.5 million volts. Their main advantage is that they are so small they can go just about anywhere in a pocket or in a purse. All of them come with some kind of holster or belt clip for easy carrying.

Disguised models give the added advantage of surprise. They are popular for personal security especially for women. They work the same way as any other stun gun but they look like something else. The most popular of these is the cell phone stun gun. It really is 3.5 million volts of pure power. Another disguised stun gun looks like a perfume spray and yet another looks like a lipstick dispenser. Another style altogether which we will discuss in more detail is disguised as a flashlight.

Flashlight stun devices have the added utility of being a flashlight in addition to being a stun device. The most powerful of these is the Touchdown Flashlight
stun gun at 7.5 million volts. Flashlight stun guns are particularly useful for carrying in the car for self-defense.

Some stun batons offer extended reach as far as 36 inches. They can also be very powerful for personal self-defense with one offering as much as 6,000,000 volts of power. Stun batons are usually used by security guards and night watchmen. Bouncers at clubs find them very useful as well.

Whatever style you choose, a stun device offers great protection, and depending on the style you choose some added benefits too. They each provide excellent personal self-defense and personal security.

The Immobilizer Cell Phone Stun gun is 5,500,000 volts and looks just like a cell phone.

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