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Staying Safe Wherever You Are


For those of us on the go, our location changes throughout the day. Whether in front of your bathroom mirror preparing for the day, in the car on your way to work, or out for an after-dinner stroll, you’re moving through the world in one way or another. Each location we move through brings about scenery and experiences that differ. They also contain vulnerabilities you might not be aware of.

Incidents of targeted crime and assault can take place just about anywhere, leaving unsuspecting and unprepared individuals open to the threat of violent crime. It’s an unsettling fact about the world, in that we cannot ensure our safety at all times, but it doesn’t have to induce fear in those reading this. You might feel unprepared to defend yourself against a violent crime, but some precautionary steps can help increase your chances of personal safety and protection.

Personal safety items, such as non-lethal weapons and devices, can be hidden on you and within your vehicle and home to increase the chances of your safety against assailants. For women in the United States, preparation is necessary, and this is the primary reason we carry numerous tested-and-trusted safety devices for women. To ensure your safety, no matter where you are or where you’re traveling, let’s inspect some of our most-trusted safety devices intended for personal protection.

Non-Lethal Weapons for Self-Defense

When we speak of self-defense, many people might rush to think of guns, batons, knives, and other deadly options; however, there are non-lethal weapons that can be deployed to protect you against a violent assailant. Two of our favorite are pepper spray devices and stun devices. Both devices are beneficial, as they are used to incapacitate assailants and aggravators from a distance, allowing you to either eject a scorching spray of high-Scoville peppers or electrodes that will jolt a perpetrator with millions of volts of power.

Some stun devices, such as stun batons and stun flashlights, will require you to come into contact with an assailant to stop them in their tracks, but these multi-use self-defense devices can provide other means of stopping an aggressor, whether physically beating them away or temporarily blinding them with hundreds of lumens of light. Thankfully, these devices can be stored either in your vehicle’s glove compartment, in your bedside nightstand, or in a nearby pocket in your bag, meaning you’ll be kept safe at all times.

self protection workout

Child Safety for School

It’s a grim truth that school shootings have become more frequent across the U.S. This is a cause for concern as a parent—you want to guarantee your child is safe at all times. While putting your child through active shooter drills is a notable way to ensure they understand the dos and don’ts of being in such a situation, you can protect them safety devices designed for such an event.

Our bulletproof and bullet-resistant inserts can be placed within your child’s backpack to provide them with a means of personalized defense in the event of the worst. Such devices are a calming agent to the mind, reassuring you that you’ve done what you can to keep your child as safe as possible. 

Safety Devices for Women

While any safety device can be employed by a woman, there are certain ones that can enhance the overall defenses of a woman on the go. Most of these items designed for women include smaller tasers, keychain weapons, and hard-case pepper sprays that can be easily stored within a purse and held on one’s person.

 woman using pepper spray

As mentioned earlier, women are, unfortunately, more likely to be targeted in violent and sexual assaults. It is for this reason that women should make sure to have a self-defense device on them wherever they are. To be prepared is to stay safe, so it is imperative to have a defensive tool nearby at all times.

If you’re unsure of what non-lethal weapon and self-defense device would best fit your circumstances, consider reaching out to one of our self-defense experts. At Home Security Superstore, it is our goal to provide every person with the tools to protect themselves. Take the steps today to enhance your safety.

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