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4 Reasons Why a Bullet-Proof Backpack Is Beneficial for Everyday Use

4 Reasons Why a Bullet-Proof Backpack Is Beneficial for Everyday Use

Unfortunately, school shootings are common occurrences in the United States today. While there are many ways to plan and prepare for active shooter events on school campuses, these incidents are so dynamic that there is no way to prevent them. The need to protect children and students alike has increased the demand for personal safety devices. The practical bulletproof backpack is one of those innovative solutions that has been on the market for years. 

Many people who see these backpacks for the first time are broken-hearted that such an item is becoming an essential piece of back-to-school equipment and supplies. At the same time, these ballistic gear products illustrate that we will do everything we can to protect our children. George Tunis of Hardwire, based in Maryland, told the Washington Post, “I know there are naysayers, but if these products deter just one shooting, I’ll take it.”  

Why Is It So Difficult to Prevent Dangerous Situations?

Predicting a mass shooting is next to impossible in most cases. Even mental health screenings can’t accurately predict when someone will perpetrate mass violence. People always ask the obvious questions. Were there warnings signs that we somehow missed? Was he or she mentally ill? Did they have extremist views? Unfortunately, since there are so many harmless people and so few who commit mass violence, it is mathematically impossible to predict who might be the next shooter.

School shootings aren’t just a modern occurrence. The first school shooting in America, referred to as the Pontiac Rebellion School Massacre or Enoch Brown School Massacre, took place in 1764. There were 49 K-12 shootings in the 19th century and 207 during the 20th century. Since 2000, we’ve seen more than 152 K-12 mass shootings. While we’re all too familiar with these tragic events, it’s important to ask ourselves how many of these events could have been averted if we had taken additional precautionary steps? In many cases, a basic knowledge of self-defense tactics and being equipped with simple self-defense weapons and gear like a bulletproof backpack could potentially save lives. 

The Benefits Of A Bulletproof Backpack

The Benefits Of A Bulletproof Backpack


Bulletproof backpacks serve multiple functions. Aside from having a ballistic panel, they function like any other school bag. It provides the practicality of your typical book bag with the addition of a bulletproof panel. Store your pencils, pens, notebooks, and books in the various handy pockets like any other bag. Manufacturers didn’t design these bulletproof backpacks for war; they’re crafted to save a life in a school setting. So, they have to perform their other primary duty, and that’s for your child to carry everything for school. 

Despite being bulletproof, some backpacks weigh only a pound more than typical bookbags, which is excellent since schoolbooks are heavy enough. Ironically, many of these book bags covered in superheroes and Disney princesses were designed to stop bullets. Many companies selling bulletproof backpacks also have other school-related personal protection items, such as inserts for three-ring binders and bullet-resistant clipboards. While the significant demographic for these items are parents with kids, other people purchase the products like flight attendants, taxi drivers, teachers, and doctors.




Of course, safety is a primary reason for carrying a bulletproof bookbag. While most suppliers advise that these bulletproof backpacks meet level IIIA ballistic standards, they haven’t tested all of the products. Level IIIA ballistic standards stop .9mm rounds, as well as .45 and .40 caliber ammunition. The National Institute of Justice explained that they’ve never certified nor tested ballistic blankets, briefcases, and other bulletproof items. This branch of the justice department certifies law enforcement body armor. While there may not be definitive proof that the bookbags save lives, they still provide some defense if kids find themselves part of an active shooter incident. They also may provide extra security for violent events off-campus like when they’re walking to and from school. Some children ride the city bus to events or school, and many dangers lie in wait in the communities that surround us. It’s sad but true.


These backpacks are incredibly convenient because they function just like any other book bag but with the added safety features. Students can’t carry bulletproof shields around all day, so manufacturers had to alter the tools that they already carry. That’s why the bulletproof backpack has become so popular. It’s especially useful for college students who travel long distances on foot without access to a locker. They have to carry their textbooks with them and, sometimes, that’s a heavy load. Retaining the functionality of the standard bookbag helps students bring their laptops, tablets, phones, notebooks, and other necessary school supplies.


It’s the Only Safety Element that Parents Can Control

Once your child leaves your home, you essentially have no control over what happens when their kids are somewhere else. They can’t control school policy or safety on the school bus. Parents can only give their children tools to help them protect themselves, and a bulletproof backpack is one tool. It’s frightening to think that your son or daughter may become involved in any violent encounter, and there’s nothing you can do to protect them. Teach them how to use the bulletproof book bag and give them other advice on personal protection. Think of a bulletproof backpack like a fire extinguisher or seat belt. It’s a personal protective device that serves multiple functions. 

Word of caution

A Word of Caution

Schools do everything in their power to keep students safe, but random acts of violence that are impossible to predict are just as hopeless to prevent. We can only learn from previous tragic incidents and have systems in place to enhance the security of our schools. Like any other topics, some say bulletproof backpacks are an exercise in futility. Those that think it could be a viable security solution understand, as previously mentioned, that if it saves one life, it’s worth it.

If you’re interested in learning more about our collection of bulletproof backpacks or about backpack ballistic protection levels, please contact one of our knowledgeable product representatives. At The Home Security Superstore, we strive to keep the community as safe as possible with our wide selection of self-defense weapons and gear. 

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