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Defending Yourself Against Parking Lot Assaults

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Whether you’re parking for work, out running errands, or shopping for groceries, birthday gifts, or holiday necessities, it’s likely that you’re heading in and out of retail parking lots and parking garages. Most parking lots are usually well-lit, open, and navigable, but not every lot is built the same. Moreover, unless there is consistent security scouring the grounds of their parking lot, it is unlikely that these spaces will be completely safe. Almost 1 in 10 property crimes and violent assaults take place in parking lots and garages. It’s an unsettling statistic to hear, as you might not expect to be at risk while just walking to your car after work, shopping, or having a night out on the town. This might cause worry, but you should know that you can take prepared measures to protect yourself while in your car or returning to your car.

A self-defense weapon can be a sound way to ensure you have something protective on-hand in the event of an unforeseen assault. A self-defense weapon—from a canister of pepper spray to a small knife—can be a genuine source of protection in the event of a robbery or assault within a parking lot. It’s important that both men and women take preventative measures when parking in lots and garages, as both sexes are at risk for aggravated assaults in such locations.

At Home Security Superstore, we have a vast number of self-defense weapons that can be used to prepare you against any type of attack, helping to fend off would-be attackers with ease. Pepper sprays and maces are common items used as self-defense weapons, as they actively help to incapacitate attackers while allowing victims to readily escape, so they can call the police or emergency services (if needed) and seek out citizen help. The benefit to pepper spray and mace is they are projectile sprays that can often be sprayed from well over eight feet away—sometimes up to twenty-five feet.


The MACE® PEPPERGEL LARGE 45G deploys a gel spray with two million SHU (Scoville Heat Units) that will stick to the face like glue, causing temporary blindness and severe pain to any assailant. With a UV Dye marking added to the spray, assailants can easily be identified after being sprayed, helping law enforcement to identify them in your time of need.

Stun guns are another notable self-defense weapon to be used to stop would-be assailants. Easily stored within a bag or purse like pepper spray or mace, a stun gun can be readily used to defend oneself. A stun baton takes this a step further, allowing a person to not only stun an assailant with electricity but physically beat them if further defense is required.

One newfound device is that of the stun gun flashlight, which can both stun and temporarily blind an assaulter. The JOLT STUN GUN FLASHLIGHT is a rechargeable, police-grade stun gun/flashlight combination that can be used to defend oneself in a dark parking lot. Able to emit more than 200 lumens of light and release 95 million volts of electricity, this easy-to-carry self-defense weapon is a sure means of protection against possible assailants. Alongside your self-defense weapon, here are just a few ways you can defend yourself against parking lot assaults:

  • Be aware of your surroundings while both entering and leaving the store, keeping an eye out for noticeable individuals.
  • Do not interact with strangers actively attempting to get your attention.
  • Park in well-lit areas and as close to your destination as possible.
  • Lock your car.
  • Inspect around your car when returning, particularly to check for any strangers.
  • Trust your instincts if your body or mind are giving you an uneasy feeling.
  • Most importantly, have your self-defense weapon readily on-hand, available for direct use the moment it is required.

pepper spray

Self-defense, at its core, is about preparedness. While your defense against an attack relies on how you react in the moment, the decisions you make will be informed by the preparation you undertook in the past. If you have properly trained yourself with a self-defense weapon, it is likely that you will be able to protect yourself in the event of unfortunate circumstances. If you’re looking for something to protect yourself, take a closer look at our products and see which of our many self-defense weapons fit your needs.

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