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Self Defense for Runners: Dog Attack Protection

Every year around the time of the holidays there’s a heightened awareness of weight gain and more importantly, how to lose it. For millions of Americans exercise is the main way next to dieting to lose weight. Look at all the pieces of exercise equipment that are sold via infomercials on television or look at all the gyms that exist all over the country.

For many Americans running, cycling or walking outdoors is not only their main form of exercise, but they frequently do it with a friend so it is a form of creating bonds with someone you know or love. The only problem with exercising outdoors aside from snow, wind or rain is attacks from dogs and dog bites.

In this article we are going to discuss the top four personal safety products that can be used for self-defense for runners, cyclists and walkers to defend themselves against dog bites and dog attacks and for their personal safety.

1. One of my personal favorites and the one that I have used successfully is the pepper gun by Mace brand. It has the longest range of any self-defense product in the world at 25 feet. It has enough defensive spray in the replaceable canisters that it can shoot seven shots of 25 feet each. It can be used effectively against multiple human targets as well as dog attacks.

2. There is another product that, once activated, sends out a loud ultrasonic sound that is repulsive to dogs and cats. It is effective up to 20 feet away. Even though it is effective at repelling dogs, cats and other small animals because it is so high-pitched, it will not bother your neighbors. They can’t even hear it.

3. One of the best is the 3 in one pepper spray that includes a strap for joggers, a key ring and a belt clip. It has a range of 8 to 20 feet and contains enough spray for 6 to 8 one second bursts. The hand strap makes it easy to carry. It also contains the UV marking dye for assailant identification which you won’t need for a dog.

4. But the absolute best in our opinion is the Tornado five in one defense system with armband so it can be with you while you’re running, walking or cycling. It is about the size of a cell phone and deploys in about one second. A single button releases the unit from the base and automatically activates a 125 dB alarm and powerful strobe light that can disorient an attacker. The pepper spray is a 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum, but it uses a 1.33% concentration of major capsaicinoids which makes it extremely hot. It has a range of up to 15 feet which makes it very effective against charging dogs.

Those are the top four products that can be used for self-defense for runners, cyclists and walkers against dog bites and dog attacks and for their personal safety against assaults.

The Tornado Defense System has range of 15 feet to ward off dog attacks.

The Eliminator Pepper Spray is made specifically for outdoor enthusiasts.

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