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Easy Self Defense Moves – A Strategy in Four Steps

In the 10 plus years that we have been in the self-defense and home security business, one thing that I have always recommended, especially for women, for their personal safety and personal security is that they develop a self-defense strategy. Female self-defense, after all, should be close to the top of their list of priorities since so many women are attacked.

Here we are going to discuss a self-defense strategy that is based on four easy steps. This strategy is much more effective when all four of the steps are done together but each step on its own is useful.

First is to take a basic self-defense course. There are several courses that are available on DVD that can act as a foundation for that strategy. The courses are geared to different levels of skill. The basic course is usually based on an Oriental principle called “Jeet Kune Do.” It is easy to learn and is meant for beginners. The advantage of doing a self-defense course on DVD is that you can do it in your own living room, at your own pace with or without a friend.

The second step is to avoid dangerous places. This seems like a no-brainer but most women, for example, would not consider a parking lot a dangerous place. They are not necessarily dangerous but male assailants prey on women who are in parking lots. The reason is simple! Women who are coming out of shopping malls to go to their car are usually distracted by the kids they have with them, their friends that they’re talking to, or any other number of distractions such as talking on a cell phone. A distracted female target makes easy pickings for an assailant.

The third suggestion is that whenever possible go with a friend. There really is safety in numbers. You rarely hear about assaults on more than one woman. So buddy up and be safe!

And the last step for a self-defense strategy is to always carry a self-defense product with you. A stun gun, a personal alarm or pepper spray, preferably something that’s on a keychain so that way it’s with you all the time. These self-defense products are not toys. They are an effective nonlethal alternative to the deadly force of a handgun and are legal in most jurisdictions.

Those are four easy steps to building an effective self-defense strategy. But there is one more ingredient that should be added. Practice! You should practice different scenarios and what you will do in each one of them. Fast reaction time is critical in a self-defense situation. A few seconds trying to remember what to do can mean the difference between safety and peril. Why risk peril when you can practice what to do in an emergency and be ready?

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