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Security Camera Effectiveness – How Effective are Fake Cameras?

When it comes to home security, there aren’t many things that concern a burglar about doing his job on a particular house more than a security camera. One of those things might be a sign that there’s a security system in place or any sign of a dog on the property. Those three things are the worst nightmares of a burglar.

So when you think about making your home more secure think about doing at least one if not all of those three things: getting a security camera, getting a dog or getting a home security system. There are problems with all three of these.

A dog is inherently messy and can be expensive with veterinary bills, dog food, training classes, boarding when you leave town, etc. that’s why some people opt for the electronic watchdog which is one of the most effective home security alarms in the marketplace today. It protects an area up to 15 feet away in a 100 degree arc. It can be operated by remote control. When someone enters the protected area the sound of a barking dog starts. Nothing is more effective as a home security product than the barking dog alarm.

A home security system can be very expensive. There’s a company locally that will give you an $850 home security system for free with only a $99 installation charge. All you have to do is sign up for three years of monitoring. Does that give you a clue as to how much money you will pay for the monitoring? Granted, home security systems are effective if you have the money to pay for one.

Third on the list are security cameras or surveillance cameras. They suffer from the same problem as a home security system. They can be very expensive. So if you have the money, get some security cameras installed around your house.

But what about fake security cameras? How effective are they?

When a burglar scouts a neighborhood looking for potential targets he does so by driving around looking for signs of weakness in a home. He’ll look for those security cameras, for signs of a barking dog and for signs of surveillance systems in place. If he sees any of those is likely to move on to another target.

Which leads us to fake security cameras. The street is usually a minimum of 50 feet away from a house. From 50 feet away no one can tell a fake security camera from the real thing. So many fake cameras have blinking red lights that indicate that they are on. That red light may be the only thing that a burglar would notice. Some of them even pan right and left like their more expensive brothers.

In essence fake security cameras are very effective. Even from close scrutiny no one can tell them apart from the real thing.

The Barking Dog Alarm is one of the most effective home security alarms because burglars hate barking dogs.

Check out our election of nearly 40 Fake Security Cameras that are so realistic no one can tell they aren’t the real thing.

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