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Home Security – Three New Wireless Alert Systems For Long Distance Protection

Home security is a big issue for the over 200 million homeowners in the United States. They are concerned about a variety of issues related to home burglary and privacy. Now there are three new tools for long distance alerts that may be able to help with your home security problems and provide alerts for you.

The first is a PIR entry home alarm. The sensor monitors an area up to 100 degrees wide and detects individuals up to 40 feet away with a 600 foot signal range to receiver. The sensor allows you to monitor many of the locations that were difficult before. It has three different sensitivity settings that allow you to detect people at 12 feet, 25 feet or 40 feet away. It is designed for indoor or light-duty outdoor applications underneath an awning or other protected location. The unit comes with the IR 3000 wireless passive infrared detector, one WR 3000 infrared receiver and mounting hardware. It can be used in an entryway, walkway, patio, garage or anywhere near the home or business alerting you to visitors, deliveries or trespassers.

The second is a 600 foot hose alert kit. It comes with one WR 3000 receiver, one WHT 3000 transmitter and flush mounting brackets for the transmitter. When a vehicle drives over a rubber hose an alert signal will be sent to the receiver up to 600 feet away. It is reliable and easy to install, making this driveway alarm one of the simplest to use. It is reliable up to four zones that can be covered giving you very substantial area coverage.

And last is a 600 foot vehicle probe alert kit that has a transmitter with 50 feet of cable. The receiver has a 12 volt DC outlet transformer and all the mounting hardware that comes with it. It is so sensitive that the driveway alarm detects vehicles only; deer and other large animals do not trigger the alert. The signal’s probe is buried parallel to the driveway and will detect vehicles passing by within 10 to 12 feet. The transmitter has 50 feet of direct burial cable which connects to the probe. Because the probe is buried underground it is less noticeable than other wireless systems.

Those are three new tools for long distance alerts that may be able to help with your home security problems. These driveway alarms have a variety of applications for home and business.

This PIR Entry Alarm can transmit alerts 600 feet away.

This Driveway Alarm can also transmit alerts 600 feet away.

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