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Home Security Signs, the Inexpensive Way to Send a Message to Burglars

If you have ever taken a road trip across country, you heavily rely on signage to get you to your destination. Even if you’re driving around town, road signs or advertising signs are not only helpful but absolutely necessary to get you to where you’re going. The advertising business reports nearly $25 billion a year is spent on signage out of the total of $125 billion spent annually.

Retail businesses heavily rely on signage to draw customers to their store and to inform them of product availability and specials. The main purpose of most advertising is to inform or raise awareness. Other advertising is used to develop a brand by using repetition.

Believe it or not, the same principles of advertising for a business apply to home security signs. You want your home security signs to inform prospective burglars who go about neighborhoods looking for targets that your home is protected by a home security system or security cameras or a vicious guard dog.

And the bizarre thing about it is you don’t need a dog or home security system. The sign gets the message across that you have one. And in 95% of the cases the message is the key.

You cannot go anywhere nor do anything without seeing signs that direct you or urge you to buy something. People are so used to seeing them that they have become an integral part of the American landscape.

Home burglary doesn’t happen by chance. Burglars carefully look for targets-homes that are vulnerable-to be their next victims. They carefully choose these targets by perceived weaknesses in the home security or physical appearance.

If a home has signs in the front yard, for example, that warn of a vicious guard dog or of a closed circuit security system or security cameras on the property, the burglar is liable to think twice about choosing that home and more than likely move onto another target.

Commercially made signs look more professional but I have seen homemade, hand-painted ones that warn of a vicious guard dog on the premises that are so effective no one wants to question who made them or where they came from.

And signs don’t necessarily have to be in the front yard, although those are more visible. A carefully placed sign in the front window that you’re an NRA member sends a clear message to would-be burglars that they could be in for an armed occupant if they decided to burglarize the house.

When it comes to home security one of the most effective things you can do is have some signs in your front yard or your front window. They send a message to would-be burglars to stay away.

This set of four Indoor Security Signs can be placed on the inside of your windows.

This CCTV Security Sign warns of a surveillance system on the property.

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