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Nice Doggie! Not For The Bad Guys

Nice Doggie! Not For The Bad Guys

In a story that we did recently we discussed Dogs As Burglary Deterrents. Ask any burglar and he will tell you that if he hears the sound of a barking dog in a home that he has targeted, he will stay away. Next to security cameras, dogs, especially ones that bark a lot, are as effective a deterrent to burglary as you will find.

In today’s article we’re going to give you some examples of how this principle holds up in real life.

In Antioch, California near San Francisco a 13-year-old boy foiled a burglary when he saw a strange man walk right through their front door which was unlocked. The man didn’t leave at first so the boy got a kitchen knife and a baseball bat. But the family Dog Chased The Intruder the first time, but he returned. By then the boy and his two brothers had everything locked down and the police called. The man was trying to break into the house. The boy stood by the front door with a baseball bat ready to strike. Shortly the police arrived and found the man standing in the front yard and the boy still at the front door with a baseball bat in his hands. Quite the hero!

Last Memorial Day police charged a 17-year-old with breaking into a local home and stealing several items as a homeowner slept. He was accused of breaking into the home and stealing a flat screen television, computer monitor and alcohol. The stolen electronics were recovered when the juvenile tried to sell the items and at a pawn store. In another story the same Police Department is investigating an attempted burglary that was thwarted by a Barking Dog. This and other burglaries led to a local crime awareness meeting attended by residents, law enforcement and public leaders. Among other things, residents discussed effective ways to stop burglaries. Having a barking dog was one of the suggestions.

Sugarland, Texas Police arrested a man who was suspected of four burglaries in the area. According to the story, a resident heard a dog barking and called 911. When police responded they found the suspect hiding in a backyard. He has since been charged with four counts of Home Burglary and forced entry.

In the next story a local man was alerted to a Burglar Entering His Home By His Barking Dog. The homeowner was on the second floor of his home when his dog became agitated and started barking. When he went downstairs, he watched the burglar enter his home through a window. An altercation ensued with a passerby calling 911 and remaining on the scene to assist the victim in detaining the burglar. When police arrived, they found the intruder in possession of burglary tools. Nothing was stolen.

In our last example, a homeowner was alerted to a burglar entering her home when her Dog Started Barking. The homeowner saw the burglar run from her rear yard but was unable to remove the flat screen TV. The burglar then stole a bicycle from a home nearby and fled on that bicycle. Police arrested him shortly thereafter and found bolt cutters and latex gloves in his backpack. He has since been charged with second-degree burglary second-degree attempted burglary and possession of burglary tools.

The sound of a barking dog is one of the most effective deterrents against home burglary. Both are many reasons a lot of people do not want to have a dog. We have an answer for that.

You don’t really have to have a dog to get the same result. Our barking dog alarm a.k.a. the electronic watchdog uses radar technology to protect an area up to 15 feet away. When motion is detected in that area the sound of an angry barking dog begins. The volume of the barking and the distance protected are both adjustable. The remote control fob that comes with the product allows you to arm, disarm or press a panic button.

You owe it to yourself to have at least one for your home’s front door and preferably another for your back door.

Share with us, if you will, your experience with home burglary and especially if you have a dog, which many of you have. Come on, chime in with your thoughts: don’t be bashful!

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