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Hidden Spy Cameras-Unusual Spy Cameras

If you have ever been in the market for a hidden spy camera you know that the most common ones are watches, clocks, pens and to some extent clothing items like ties or hats. Today we’re going to talk about some of the best-selling unusual spy cameras.

All spy cameras are meant to catch people doing things they shouldn’t be doing. So the more covert they are the better. Spy cameras are hidden inside common everyday items so nobody thinks twice about them.

Here are some unusual spy cameras.

The Coke Spy Camera looks just like a can of soda pop but it has a spy camera inside an internal storage so you have no need for a separate DVR. It has 4 GB of internal memory. It has a remote control and a USB cord to download video. This hidden spy camera can be used in any setting home, office or even a business. You can even carry it with you. It records up to four hours on a single charge of a lithium ion battery.

Another very unusual one is a Smiley Face DVR shown here that can support a micro-SD card up to 16 GB. You can clip it on clothing and is the perfect spy camera to use for mystery shoppers, school or tradeshows.

And the one that has the best resolution is the BMW Car Remote spy camera. It looks just like a remote car key with a spy camera and a DVR inside. Video is downloaded by a USB cable and recharged using the same cable. It has motion activated recording and is so small it fits right in the palm of your hand.

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