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Long Range Products, Comparing Pepper Guns And Shooting Stun Devices

For years one of the many problems associated with stun guns that women didn’t like was the fact that it had to be physically applied to an assailant in order for it to work. Pepper sprays, one of the most popular self-defense products in the world, had limitations as well. In this article we will compare long-range self-defense products, both shooting stun guns and pepper guns. This way you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should have one for your own personal safety and which one might be best for you.

In the early 1980s, Taser International introduced the first shooting stun-the Taser. It is used by virtually every law enforcement agency in the country because it is close to 100% effective. Civilian models shoot two electrified darts up to 15 feet away and are effective hitting any part of the body. For years they had a monopoly in the industry. They require a background check and cost depending on model, anywhere from $300.00 up to as much as $1,000.00.

Then another long-range self-defense product was introduced called the Phazzer Shooting Gun that can shoot a dart cartridge up to 15 feet and a red pepper powder cartridge up to 30 feet away. It has an integrated LED laser sight to help with aiming and uses low-voltage and high amperage just like the Taser gun for very effective results. This product requires no background check and is fully operational on arrival. It is very effective, but costly at $575.

Mace brand years ago introduced the first long-range pepper gun that can fire up to 25 feet away from any angle. It uses a disposable and replaceable pepper spray cartridge with enough OC for seven shots up to 25 feet away. It includes a trigger activated LED targeting light for accuracy. At $56 it represents an excellent value.

Recently Tippmann introduced another long range Pepper Gun that sells for $279. It has a range up to 50 feet away and can fire seven hot pepper rounds in a few seconds from a self-locking easy load magazine clip. Each round inflicts serious pain, impairs vision and causes respiratory distress to the assailant.

Those represent some alternatives for long-range self-defense products such as shooting stun guns and pepper guns for your personal safety. You can decide if they are worth the money, because they are not cheap, but they are highly effective and address several problems associated with normal stun guns and pepper sprays.

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