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Campus Sexual Assaults-Now What?

There has been a lot of publicity lately given to campus sexual assaults. The most recent highlighting of the problem was given by the White House in the form of President Obama and VP Biden who are drawing attention to this problem and vowing to curb it. They are forming a task force to look at the causes of campus sexual assaults and specifically how victims are treated.

This after lots of money and many laws aimed at curbing the topic had been thoroughly dissected.

So our question is “after all the laws have been passed, a task force formed and money thrown at the issue, now what?”

In this article we will take a look at the status of the problem, some of the root causes and a potential real solution to the problem.

As the White House pointed out several weeks ago in their press conference, over 25% of all young women will be sexually assaulted at their college or university in their four years there. That statistic hasn’t changed over time despite all the talk and bravado. We sincerely doubt that the White House task force will have any significant change on that statistic. Why?

You will never be able to outlaw stupidity. It has been shown that close to 70% of all sexual assaults on a college campus involve drugs or alcohol. Young women fall victim to conniving young men who convince them getting drunk is part of the college experience. Once drunk, the women fall victim to sexual assaults and often are so drunk that they can’t even remember what happened.

Since most sexual assaults on a college campus are perpetrated by the classmates of the young women, most of them do not even report the incident to campus police or authorities. Another contributing factor to this non-reporting is a history of non-action once the assault has been reported. In other words, young women get from reporting sexual assaults because they feel that nothing will get done.

We have proposed in the past and continue to support the idea that the Universities and Colleges should get out of the investigation and prosecution of these felony assaults and leave it to the professionals-the local Police Department.

They are the ones who have a much better chance at solving the crime and then prosecuting the crime-a felony sexual assault.

Of course universities really don’t want that to happen because that would begin to tarnish their reputation-get over it!

In the meantime young women need to learn how to defend themselves against these campus sexual assaults by carrying a self-defense product such as a pepper spray and also learn how to avoid the problem in the first place and not get drunk.

Any one of our over 100 keychain pepper sprays is an effective defense against assaults, but this Streetwise Pepper Spray is our biggest seller perhaps because of the selling price of $4.95 or perhaps because it is 46% hotter than competing brands.

This popular self-defense DVD is entitled Women’s Combat is taught by Kimber Johnson who is a lifetime martial artist and assault survivor. She teaches rape prevention techniques and predator defense techniques, how to defend against choking and prevent being pinned and having your hair pulled. It is one of the few self-defense DVDs on the market today that is specifically geared toward women.

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