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Is A Monitored Home Security System Worth The Money?

Is A Monitored Home Security System Worth The Money?

We got some new neighbors last week. They seem like a nice couple with one child. It is their first home after living in apartments for four years. They have been inundated with offers to buy this or buy that; insurance, home improvement, home security and all manner of products and services from cable TV to monitored home security systems.

Of course they are strapped for cash such as all new couples moving into a home with expenses they never anticipated. They don’t have a lot of personal possessions, but like everyone, they value the ones they have. So the thought of being burglarized weighs heavily on their minds.

You have probably seen on TV or in printed media the myriads of ads for monitored home security systems that entice you to sign up in several ways. Usually the big carrot is a “free” home security system that may help prevent burglars from stealing from you. The catch is you have to commit to the monitoring service for a minimum of three years at somewhere between $30 and $50 a month depending on the size of your house.

That could end up costing you anywhere from $1000 to $3000 over the term of the commitment. It may be money not worth spending for new homeowners and here’s why.

  1. Most home burglaries are committed during the daytime and, depending upon a couple’s job situation, one of them may not have a job and will be spending time at home-that’s a deterrent to the burglars.
  2. As noted, most new homeowners do not have an overabundance of valuables worth stealing.
  3. Free or inexpensive precautions could be taken to virtually eliminate the possibility of burglary.
    • They might include joining or starting a neighborhood watch program which is the preeminent citizen crime prevention tool against burglary.
    • Most police departments, depending on availability of manpower and time, will give you a free home security survey that will point out shortcomings in your home’s security.
    • One of the suggestions that law enforcement officials doing that survey will probably recommend is that you install inexpensive alarms on all entryways.
    • One technique that is usually very effective is to put a sign in your front yard that warns of a vicious guard dog or a home security system in place. You don’t need the guard dog or the home security system when just the sign will do the trick.

In a recent article entitled ‘The Basics Of Home Security 101’ we explore the ideas of prevention being the key and how to minimize losses if your home is entered. The article also outlines just how big a problem home burglary is. The statistics may shock you.

We have 18 different signs but this is one of our newest surveillance warning signs which is sure to catch anyone’s eyes. It features in bright yellow a smiley face with a warning about a surveillance system. It is 12″ x 8.5″ and made out of durable polypropylene. Would-be burglars are always on the lookout for signs like this. It gives them advance notice to stay away from the home.

 Do you have a monitored home security system? Is it worth the money? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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