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How Self-Defense Products Can Provide the Important Element of Surprise

If you ask anybody who does strategic planning what one of the most important elements is in their thinking, the answer will be the element of surprise. Whether it’s a department store chain planning a new marketing strategy or a military commander planning an attack against an enemy, even a basketball coach planning a strategy against a bigger opponent, the element of surprise can play an important if not vital role in success.

Criminals hide out in darkened areas of parking lots or stairwells and sneak up on their prey to perform their assaults successfully using surprise in their attacks usually against women.

Self-defense product manufacturers know that the element of surprise is an important self-defense tool. That’s why so many stun guns and pepper sprays look like other products. Those are the premier nonlethal alternatives used for self-defense. especially by women who are the targets in the vast majority of assaults.

A pepper spray or stun device can provide the necessary minutes to escape an assault situation such as domestic violence, rape or robbery.

There are many examples of such products that can help for your personal self-defense. Some good examples are pepper sprays that are disguised as lipstick dispensers. They are one of the most popular pepper sprays sold. And capitalizing on the idea of the lipstick pepper spray,there is now a pepper spray disguised as a perfume dispenser. There is also a pepper spray disguised as a pen or walking weights.

But the king of all disguised self-defense items is the cell phone stun gun. They have been around for a long time and are the most popular of all disguised self-defense products. It was probably only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of disguising a product as a smart phone that was actually a Stun Gun.

Self-defense items that look like common objects can disable an attacker long enough for you to escape a dangerous situation and protect yourself in the face of an assault. Stun devices do this by sending a powerful electrical charge through two or more probes on the end that when applied to an assailant will disrupt his muscular system imitating the effort of a long distance marathon thus using all his blood sugars so he has no energy left.

Assailants use this same element of surprise to attack their victims usually with great success.

When you are looking for a new self-dense product consider getting one that will give you the edge of surprise in an attack-a disguised stun gun or pepper spray. Every edge counts in an assault.

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