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A Home Security Safe for Every Need

The need to protect items of value is as old as time itself. It basically represents, in a way, that conflict between good and evil. People who own things of value want to protect them and save them from people who wish to steal them.

Safes that were made before 1917 were made of cement and water to protect against fire. Fires burned at 1300° so the metal straps that surrounded the outer shell of the safe melted and the support weakened, the water would evaporate, devouring the contents of the safe. 1917 was the date that safes started being scientifically tested and improvement started changing the quality of safes for the good.

Safes are engineered so that there is a minimum amount of heat penetration to the interior, and tongue and groove doors are used to further impede the path of heat.

A home security safe should include features that prevent removal of the door including hinges that are not exposed to the outside, interlocking door designs, dead bars and inactive locking bolts. These safes should be designed to withstand an attack from a professional burglar for as long as possible and should be able to resist crowbars, torches or drill attacks for as long as it is rated. Security safes are rated in 15 and 30 minute intervals. These are particularly effective if properly bolted down and secured in place.

A good example of the safe that can protect against fire and burglary is called a hybrid safe. They typically have a two-hour fireproof rating, chrome plated steel active locking bolts, heavy-duty vault hinges, high-intensity auxiliary re-locking device and a vertical locking bar to prevent burglary. They usually have anchor bolt hardware to secure it to a floor.

The re-locking devices are a way to ensure great security and prevent knocking off the combination lock and driving out the spindle-a favorite way of gaining entry into a safe in the old days.

Diversion safes are in another category of their own. They are not designed to protect against fire or a safe cracking burglar, but simply to hide your cash, credit cards, jewelry and other small items so they can’t be found

Diversion Safes are containers of household products that are emptied out and weighted down to give the feel of the real thing.

Safes are the best way to secure your valuables such as hunting rifles, handguns, cash, credit cards, important documents or anything else that you deem important enough to protect from fire and or burglary.

This home security safe with keypad is a good example of a Hybrid Safe that can protect against fire and burglary.

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