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Home Security: Window/Door Alarms-Top Consumer’s Choices

A key component to any home security strategy and burglary prevention for your home is to install alarms on all your windows and doors. It is a proven fact that window alarms on your windows can act as a successful deterrent to most burglars. If a burglar tries to break in through a door, a loud door alarm will more than likely scare him away. In this article we will talk about some of the top consumers’ choice door/window alarms. This way you can see what’s popular with other homeowners and thus steer you in the right direction.

Top Window and Door Alarms Essential to Your Home Security

  1. Without a doubt the most popular consumers’ choice door alarm is this Super Door Stop alarm not only can be used for home security but is also great for dorm rooms, motel rooms or anywhere you are traveling. It works by sliding the alarm under the door to act as a door stop. The top of the alarm has a movement sensor that when it’s touched-as in someone trying to open the door-125 dB alarm sounds. It operates on one 9 V battery and is a simple, easy way to protect you or your loved ones at home and away.
  2. Next on our list is this four pack of Mini Magnetic Alarms that installs in seconds and produces a 90 dB alarm when someone tries to enter a window or door. It has a three position switch for alarm, off and chime. It comes with double-stick tape strips for easy mounting.
  3. And consumers love this Magnetic Contact Alarm with keypad that can be used as a powerful alarm or visitor alerting chime for businesses. It works on three AA batteries and is easy to install because it’s wireless. When activated it produces an ear piercing 110 dB siren alarm or 85 dB ding-dong greeting alert chime when someone enters your business. It uses a keypad for arming and disarming and has a panic button for instant alarm activation. This magnetic door alarm features an entry and exit delay and comes with a mounting bracket.

Burglary prevention should be near the top of every homeowner’s list of priorities because burglary is so rampant. Home security is a major issue in every community which is why these door alarms and window alarms are so popular-they are the top consumers’ choices.

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