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Home Security Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift? Aren’t we all? With the holidays just around the corner give those you love something they can actually use. Here are some home security holiday gift ideas that you can use for single friends or married couples because no matter who they are, they have to live somewhere, whether it’s in a home or in an apartment.

No matter where your friends live, burglary is more than likely a problem. On average one out of every six homes annually gets burglarized. You can read more about the burglary problem in this article entitled The Ultimate Home Security Guide.

Over $2,000.00 worth of goods are taken in the average burglary with another $2,000.00 or more in damage done to the home. Any police department will tell you that it is up to you to protect your home. Law enforcement officials simply don’t have the resources to do it. So it is worth spending some money on prevention or better yet let your friends know that you’d like some of these outstanding products for holiday gifts.

If your friends live in a home, they will find this Electronic Watchdog motion activated alarm to be especially helpful. It protects areas up to 10 feet away thru walls and other mediums and up to 15 feet thru air using radar wave sense technology. When motion is detected, the sound of an angry barking dog starts scaring the bad guy away. Both the sensitivity and volume are adjustable. This alarm requires no installation. Just plug it in and you are good to go. It can be used in such locations as your home, garage, office, factory, warehouse or anywhere you have doors or windows.

As we explained in our article entitled Hidden Camera Uses Know No Bounds one of the best and most popular uses of hidden cameras is for home security “to catch people breaking into your home. Some of them can stream video to your smart phone which might allow you to actually catch burglars committing the crime if you act fast enough.”

One of the more unique motion activated hidden spy cameras is this photo express auto dialer. It has an extremely sensitive motion detection function that can detect motion up to 32 feet away during the day and even 6 feet in total darkness. It also has an 87° detection angle which is enough to cover almost any room. When motion is detected, an alarm sounds and two photos are taken instantaneously of the perpetrator. Those photos are sent to as many as six programmed phone numbers via text message. It uses a GSM SIM card that you can get from your cell phone provider. The pictures take approximately 20 to 40 seconds to arrive at your cell phone. This product allows you to see who is breaking into your house no matter where you are. Then you can notify police immediately.

We have nearly 300 models of Sophisticated Spy Cameras that can be used for indoor security mostly, but some models are specifically meant for outdoors. Anyone of them would make an excellent home security gift idea.

On the less expensive side of home security gift ideas is this rock key hider that provides a better way to hide your house key than under the front doormat which is one of the first places a burglar will look for your house key. You place this on the ground near your front door and it will blend in with other rocks, only this one has a hidden compartment inside to hide your keys.

Also on the less expensive side are window and door alarms. Sad to say, over 30% of all burglaries happen through unlocked doors or windows. We always recommend that all doors and windows be secured even when you’re at home. A good old fashioned burglar alarm on a door or window that sounds an alarm of up to 130 dB when the window or door is opened will scare away just about any burglar.

Burglars won’t expect your valuables to be hidden in the pantry or your bathroom drawers which is why diversion safes are so effective. Burglars “don’t have time to search every nook and cranny of your home which means diversion safes are a smart way to keep your valuables secure. Designed to look like common household items, they can keep guns, jewelry, money and more locked up tight!

The easiest and cheapest way to keep your important items hidden from thieves or prying guests is to stash them safely away in a diversion safe

This hairbrush diversion safe is an excellent example because it has a secret compartment to hold smaller valuables. It is just one of many diversion safes that we carry. They all look like cans of food products or cleaning materials and can fit into the kitchen or utility room, or even in a garage

This wireless home security system is loaded with extras and can accommodate up to 60 wireless add-on sensors. It has optional indoor and outdoor sirens, remote control, panic button, wireless doorbell and even an option for an add-on smoke detector. You have optional third-party monitoring if you wish. Most add-on options have a wireless transmission range up to 300 feet, but the magnetic door/window sensors and motion sensors have a 450 foot wireless transmission. This is a cost-effective and trustworthy way to protect a home. Talk about a home security gift, this is it!

There is no shortage of ideas for home security gifts for the holidays for either you and your family or your friends and their family. Anyone can give a thoughtless tie to a friend or neighbor. But when you give a home security product such as one mentioned above, it shows that you have given some thought and care about the person you’re giving it to.

What kind of home security products do you have at your house? We want to hear your thoughts.

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