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Burglar Dirty Tricks To Get Into Your Home

Burglar Dirty Tricks To Get Into Your Home

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Ruse as an “a trick or act that is used to fool someone” or a “wily subterfuge.”

Over the last several months we have been highlighting what are called “distraction burglaries” as a way that burglars get into your house-right through your front door. Today we will add to that list. A “distraction burglary” occurs when a burglar occupies the homeowner with a ruse to distract them while another burglar ransacking the house and stealing property-usually jewelry.

It seems there is no limit to the creativity of burglars for these distraction burglaries. They certainly are different from the normal type of burglary where one bad guy breaks into a house to steal property. Here the bad guys are literally invited in under a subterfuge and then steal property.

In our articles about Distraction Burglaries and Home Invasion Scams, we gave several examples of dirty tricks that the bad guys used to get into your house to steal your property.

The first example in today’s article comes from Colorado Springs, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak where the victim told police that he was approached by a man who claimed to be from the Colorado Springs Water Department. When the victim opened the door to let the man in, she did not ask for any identification. The man worked on her pipes and water heater for 20 minutes, during which $14,000 worth of jewelry went missing. The victim discovered the theft after the “water department employee” left the home. Police believe that a second man went into the home while the victim was being distracted.


Lessons To Be Learned

Burglars want what you have because they are too lazy to work to get it on their own. If they break into your home, that’s one thing. If they force their way in, that is another thing. But whatever you do, don’t open the door and invite them in. Use your peephole to see who is at your front door then verify who they are by asking for identification. Just because you see a workman at your front door with a name tag on his shirt doesn’t mean he’s legitimate. If there is any doubt in your mind, call the company and ask for verification.

Have one of our close to 120 different Pepper Sprays by your front door to repel any intruders. A spray in the face with one of our pepper sprays will get anyone’s attention.

Share with us any secrets you have about home security, especially as it relates to scams or ruses like the ones discussed above.

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