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Beware These Home Invasion Scams

Beware These Home Invasion Scams

A few months ago, in June 2015 we did a story entitled Sneaky Ways Home Invaders Get Into Your Home where we described several underhanded ways that burglars get into your house. The response has been overwhelming, so here we are again doing another story about ruses that burglars use as a means to get into your house-right before your very eyes.

In today’s article we are highlighting four more examples of techniques that burglars use to get into your house. They are not there to fix your plumbing.

We should note and bring to your attention the fact that they all start at your front door. If you don’t open your door to a stranger without proper identification, we wouldn’t be writing these stories.

In our first example, a male who identified himself as the next door neighbor’s workman persuaded the homeowner to exit the home so he could show her an area in the yard. Once the homeowner was out of the house accomplices entered the home and stole cash and jewelry. Amazing!

And just to show that we Americans are not the only ones that are gullible, in Leicester, England a burglar talked his way into an elderly woman’s home posing as a local Council Official. He told her that he needed to check the safety of the house and was going to return with an apprentice to adjust the radiators. He showed her a document which he claimed was his official identification badge. Once the men were inside the house they stole cash and jewelry which was only discovered after they left.

In another example from Darien, Connecticut a man talked his way into a local home posing as a water company employee. He told the homeowner that he was there to check on a leak that was detected coming from the house. The man asked the elderly resident to accompany him on his inspection. Meanwhile back at the front door a second burglar went through the house undetected stealing cash and jewelry.

In another example from the Chicago, Illinois area a man told the homeowner that he specialized in concrete pavers. While they were talking the second man entered the house and ransacked bedrooms taking jewelry and cash while the homeowner was discussing driveway repair work. These types of distraction burglaries frequently Target Seniors.

Distraction burglary as it is called is a crime in which elderly citizens are often the targets. The perpetrator tries to draw a resident out of the house or into the basement on a pretext. While the resident is occupied an accomplice enters the home and steals valuables such as money and jewelry. Burglars may also steal papers which could lead to identity theft.

Police warn residents to be suspicious of anyone who wants to get into your house without an appointment or prior knowledge. Always ask for identification. And look for a vehicle with the appropriate signage.

Never open your front door and let somebody in until you have verified who they are. If they give you identification, call their office and ask for confirmation.

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Have you ever been a victim of distraction burglary? How did the bad guys get in? Please share your experience so that others may avoid similar distractions.

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