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Is Your Home Worth Protecting?

Is Your Home Worth Protecting?

Ya, ya we know; you’re saying to yourself, what a stupid question. Well folks if it’s so stupid, why are so many homes left unprotected with unlocked or even open doors and windows-eh? Case in point: drive down any residential street and note how many garage doors you can find open or how many windows just in the front of the house are open. Get the idea? That is basically the question we will be exploring in this article.

People in the know, such as law enforcement authorities, say that 90% of all home burglaries are preventable just by using some common sense tactics starting with locking all your doors and windows even when you’re at home.

If you were to look at your home as a burglar would, what would you find?

Would you see any seclusion – privacy so he couldn’t be seen coming or going?

Would you see any signs – signs warning of guard dogs or home security systems?

Would you be able to see into the front living room to see items of interest worth stealing?

Would you see a lot of cover around the front of the house to hide in so neighbors wouldn’t see you?

These are some of the things burglars look for that would act as a deterrent to doing their job.

To be perfectly honest, a burglar does not want to waste his time on a home that he doesn’t think he can get into or on a home that he doesn’t think has items of value. And he doesn’t want to pick a home where he feels the chances of getting caught are higher than he’s comfortable with.

A burglar has three big enemies. The more time it takes a burglar to get into your house, the less likely he is to continue his pursuit of breaking in. The more time it takes him the greater the chance is that he will get caught. And he doesn’t want to get caught.

If he does get in, the second thing that he doesn’t like is noise. If you have a motion activated alarm, when he does get in and it goes off, it will scare him away. So, consider getting one.

The third thing that burglars don’t like and the third enemy of a burglar is light-lights that create shadows which make detection easier.

Your job as a homeowner is to put as many obstacles in the way of a burglar as possible, knowing that a determined burglar, given enough time, can get into any house that he chooses.

door/window alarm

Burglars don’t like noise, so put a noisy alarm such as this 120 db alarm on your windows and doors. The window alarm noise scares burglars and alerts nearby neighbors that there’s trouble going on in the house.

 What did you agree or disagree with about this article? You can’t hurt our feelings! Be part of the conversation!

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