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Biometric Vault Gun Safes-The Best Way To Protect And Secure Your Handguns

According to recent statistics there are over 200 million handguns in the United States. That represents a significant risk for homeowners for two reasons. First, they are high-value targets in a home burglary and home burglary is at all time high. Second, in most homes where there is a handgun there are children. Need I say more?

These three biometric gun safes utilize programmable biometric scanner technology to make accessing firearms and valuables faster and more secure than ever before. A high-performance algorithm is used to achieve quick identification of enrolled fingerprints. They all include a high strength steel cable to tether the safe to a secure object.

This biometric gun safe offers quick codeless entry even in complete darkness. It can support up to 15 users. This Multi Vault gun safe is made out of 16 gauge steel construction for added toughness and durability with a soft home interior lining and weighs 14 pounds.

This Speed Vault gun safe is made out of 18 gauge steel construction and uses biometric access fingerprints as sensor for fast codeless entry. It weighs only 6 1/2 pounds

And this Micro Vault gun safe (like the one shown above) features the unique no eyes, biometric fingerprint scanner for quick codeless entry even in complete darkness. It blocks access after repeated invalid key pad countries.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Have you ever used a gun safe? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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