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Best Defense Against Dog Attacks

For the millions of Americans who have been bitten and/or attacked by dogs you know all too well the feeling when you see a dog running around loose charging at you. It sends chills up and down your spine; at least it does for me. Several years ago I got 87 stitches in my right arm from a dog attack. To this day whenever I see a dog running around loose I get very nervous.

As a result of that incident and hundreds of thousands of other incidents that happen every year to innocent victims, I have no sympathy for dogs that are unleashed. For those of us who like to walk, jog or ride our bicycles every day for exercise, we should learn some evasive techniques and use common sense when we see dogs.

Never approach a dog when it is eating or drinking.

Dogs are very territorial. So if you see one that is fenced in don’t approach it.

Never run away from a dog. Back away slowly.

The sound is inaudible to humans. Customers report fair success with these products. On an aggressive dog like a pit bull or Doberman it doesn’t seem to have any affect.

For over a year I carried the telescopic stun baton and actually had to use it once. Customers report good success with this product. It is a 13 inch long telescoping baton that extends to 21 1/2 inches at the press of a button. The 8 1/2 inch extension electrifies to 800,000 volts once the product is activated. When the stun baton is powered up it emits electrical arcs and a crackling sound that can be quite intimidating both for humans and for dogs.

When it comes to choosing a self-defense product for dog attack defense and defense against dog attacks and dog bites there is one product that stands out as being the best. It is the Mace Pepper Gun.

This gun shaped product shoots out a full strength 10% solution of oleoresin capsicum, the main ingredient in all pepper sprays. It shoots a spray up to 25 feet away by using a unique delivery system that’s comprised of replaceable cartridges that hold seven 25 foot shots of spray. It comes with a water cartridge that can be used for practicing so you can get used to the 25 foot range. It has the longest range of any self-defense product.

The Mace Pepper Gun is the best defense against DOG ATTACKS and human assaults too.

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