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Home Security Motion Detector Alarms-The Barking Dog

It could be my imagination, but it seems like home burglaries are getting worse as the economy worsens. Desperate people who would otherwise not turn to burglary are doing just that to help put food on their tables. Statistics show that one out of six homes will be burglarized on an annual basis. The biggest way that burglars get into homes is through unlocked doors and windows. So how about locking your doors and windows?

One of the best deterrents to home burglary is the sound of a barking dog. That’s where the electronic watchdog comes in. It is a wireless motion detector alarm that uses advanced radar technology. If it detects movement in the hundred degree triangle up to 20 feet away the sound of an angry barking dog starts.

The unit can be controlled with the remote control to arm and disarm it. The volume of the barking and a range of protection can both be adjusted.

The Electronic Watchdog or as it’s sometimes called the barking dog alarm is one of the most effective motion detected alarms you can get.

Ask any policeman look the best deterrent is against home burglary. Chances are he will tell you a barking dog. This is your chance to get the bark without the dog.

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