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Battery-Operated Security Cameras for Remote Locations

Most security cameras have access to electrical outlets so that’s not a problem. But what about remote locations where there is no electricity or where an outlet is so far away that running an extension cord is not feasible? What do you do then?

There are situations where law enforcement officers or private investigators are doing stakeouts or surveillance of individuals in remote locations such as warehouses, loading docks, or wherever electricity is not available. Or how about farmers or ranchers who want to keep an eye on their livestock, crops or property and there’s no electrical outlet for miles? Or how about home security in remote locales?

There is a solution with a type of security camera that has a battery that can operate for one year in standby mode and up to 20 continuous hours in standard mode. It uses a powerful rechargeable lithium battery inside products that contain a DVR and camera.

The camera records in three different resolution modes and has low light recording capabilities that are unsurpassed. The DVR uses motion activated, standard or overwrite recording modes and can operate with wireless remote control. Of course everything is water-resistant for outdoor long-term use.

The DVR uses an SD card to record the images. A 2 GB SD card is included but the unit can handle up to 16 GB cards for additional data storage.

There are three different models depending on your situation. All of them are water-resistant and so are fully capable of operations outdoors; an electrical box, a simple landscape stone and a wall clock.

To make sure that the correct viewing angle is achieved you may want to consider getting a test monitor that is available. This will help ensure that the camera captures pertinent and relevant video.

 How It Works

The way it works is the motion activated camera has a processor that operates in “sleep” mode until motion is detected. Once motion is detected the DVR begins recording. The unit can be operated by remote control for easy operation. A frame counter helps with video identification for simple retrieval.

The wall clock version is a working wall clock and is attractive in and of itself. The electrical box can fit into any industrial or commercial setting. And the landscape stone is a perfect security camera for outdoor situations.

If you ever find yourself in need of a security camera or surveillance camera and there’s no electrical outlet nearby, these long-term DVR surveillance cameras can be your answer.

The Stone Security Camera can fit into any setting outdoors such as a home, farm, ranch or business to keep an eye on your property.

The Clock Security Camera is motion activated.

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