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Home Security 101: Diversion Safes and Other Ways to Deter Burglars

Recently we did an article that covered the basics of home security. Now we are talking about the more advanced techniques-little known things that can help improve your home’s security. This is the advanced version.

In that article we suggested you look at your house critically as a burglar would do from street level. We suggested removing any hiding places among lower-level doors and windows. Next see if there were any signs of a dog, a security system or of any security cameras on the property.

Sometimes a sign that there’s a security camera works just as well as having a security camera. Just as a sign for a vicious guard dog works even better than having a dog because there’s no training, feeding, walking etc. and no one except their owners likes nasty guard dogs.

In our so-called “advanced” course we will deal with techniques on how to accentuate the three worst problems for a burglar; time, light and noise. Burglars don’t like these problem areas. That’s why we consider them to be the three worst nightmares of a burglar.

If a burglar does decide to break into your house, the longer that you can keep him from doing that the better-time. And once he does get in if in fact he gets in, the longer you keep him looking for things of value the better off you are-time. Statistics show that burglars will spend no more than on average 10 minutes inside a house. So for example, at least in theory, if you can keep him looking for 10 minutes chances are he may leave without finding anything worth stealing. Make sense?

That’s where diversion safes come in. They are common household objects with empty insides that can hold valuables secretly.

The second big enemy of a burglar is light. Admittedly, most home burglaries are done during the daytime. But for those that are done at night, outdoor lighting and interior random lighting can give the impression someone is at home when they are not.

And the third enemy of the burglar is noise. That’s where burglar alarms come in. They act as a deterrent in two ways. First, they act to scare the burglar away and secondly depending on how loud the alarm is, neighbors can hear it and would be alerted to activity going on in your home.

If you work on developing ways to incorporate time, light and noise into your home security strategy you will be much safer at home.

We have a great selection of Motion Activated Alarms that are effective at scaring away a burglar and alerting your neighbors to problems in your home.

Our Diversion Safes use the principle of hiding items of value in “plain sight.”

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