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Burglaries On The Decline, Here’s Why!

In a story that we did some time ago about home security we asked the rhetorical question Is Your Home Worth Protecting? Of course it is. For 99% of Americans it is the single biggest investment they have. Everybody knows that, but why are so many homes left unprotected with unlocked or even open doors and windows?

In the article we said “People in the know, such as law enforcement authorities, say that 90% of all home burglaries are preventable just by using some common sense tactics starting with locking all your doors and windows even when you’re at home.”

In today’s article we will take that one step further and show you what some communities and neighborhoods are doing to protect themselves from home burglary. Then we will provide some evidence of the value of security cameras.

Federal burglary statistics show a decline, albeit slow and small, in the number of burglaries in the United States. I think security cameras are at least part of the reason. Are burglars days numbered? Maybe!

In our first story from Milwaukee, Wisconsin a burglar entered a local Family Dollar store when it was closed and was caught on camera. Police say he entered the store through a damaged front window and stole several items and then left through the front door. They are looking for him as we speak.

We are noticing a change in tactics of homeowners with technology leading the way as we will show you in today’s story. It is just a fact that if police have video evidence of a burglary, chances improve by over 50% of getting the goods back and catching the bad guy.

This story comes to us from the NBC affiliate in the Bay Area of San Francisco where frustrated homeowners are installing security cameras to help stem the tide of a rash of car burglaries. Residents in Walnut Creek are banding together to install surveillance cameras in their neighborhoods in the hopes of catching thieves who steal items from cars and the cars themselves. Soon the entire neighborhood may be armed with security cameras.

This story comes to us from Albuquerque, New Mexico where homeowners are turning to security/surveillance cameras to help police catch thieves when burglaries occur. In this story, the owner of an Albuquerque-based store that sells security and surveillance systems said that the best part of security is the deterrent. He noted that footage from the cameras goes to the Albuquerque Police Department where they use it to catch the bad guys. In the article he talked about a small Wi-Fi camera that you hook up to an IP address. The video then can be watched on any cell phone no matter where you are as long as you have Wi-Fi. Good examples are these next two stories.

In Tampa, Florida a homeowner watched a burglary in process at his home courtesy of his in-home cameras. The homeowner was alerted about activity at his home then called the Tampa Police Department. No matter where you are, if a motion sensor is set off you can see what is happening inside your home with the click of a button. Some cameras even have two-way audio capability. With advanced technology, these security cameras are more affordable than ever before allowing you to login and get a live shot of what’s happening in your home. Many of these cameras have email and text alerts capability.

In this story from homeowner from Stuart, Florida was able to watch and catch a burglar breaking into his home courtesy of his cell phone and high tech security cameras. While the homeowner was watching what was going on in his house, he was able to describe the burglar to arriving deputies. Unfortunately, this burglar got away but police know what he looks like and are hot on his trail.

We have a good assortment of outdoor Security Cameras for you to choose from and even more, as many as 97, WiFi Spy Cameras that have email or text alerts based on motion sensors. Remote viewing enables you to see what’s going on inside your house from anywhere you can get Wi-Fi.

How do you protect your home? Cameras that have Wi-Fi capability and remote viewing are the wave of the future. Shouldn’t you have one? 

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