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Why Women Need Self-Defense Items for Protection

If you ever take the time to look at a police blotter or talk to police officers you’ll discover that women are the targets of violence in nine out of ten cases. That’s just what the statistics show. And certainly a big part of that is domestic violence which, as the Attorney General in South Carolina just decreed, is the number one crime in that state. But what about working women?

Even 10 years ago the number of women who were in the workforce was not near the number today. Working professional women, women who are college-educated and decide to go into the workforce, are a rapidly growing segment of our population. The number of women who are doctors, lawyers and women in other in top paying positions is increasing rapidly. If you look at the number of women in law schools and medical schools, they actually outnumber men. Does that make them immune from attack in society?

Actually it increases their visibility and makes them more vulnerable in our opinion to all kinds of assaults. That is why working professional women need self-defense items for personal security more now than ever before. And the fact that they are, at least on paper, smarter than ever before, should make them realize the need for this defense.

Self-defense items have long provided protection for anyone who felt threatened or was in imminent danger of attack. They can disable an assailant for anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes allowing you time to seek help and/or get away to a safer place. They have proven effective time and time again for women in all categories for female self-defense.

A testament to the effectiveness of self-defense products is the fact that every police officer in the country carries a pepper spray on his utility belt, and most of them carry the premier nonlethal self-defense product – the taser.

Self-defense items such as stun guns and pepper sprays provide a nonlethal way to defend yourself in a world that seems more dangerous than ever before.

Sometimes just knowing that you have the protection of a self-defense product in your purse gives you the confidence you need to carry yourself differently. It is a well-known fact that body language is a key indicator for predators choosing their targets. If you walk with an air of self-confidence you are less likely to be a target.

A pepper spray, for example, can disable an assailant in a heartbeat and is one of the least expensive self-defense products available. Maybe that is why it is so popular; it’s cheap and it works.

For female self-defense and personal security women need self-defense items.

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